Welcome from the Dean

When you look at the lives and work of our graduates and current students, it is humbling to see the impact that is being made on the kingdom. We are so blessed to see graduates serving and impacting their circles with the tools they’ve sharpened through our academic program and interaction with our campus community. The culmination of more than 50 years of kingdom impact is impossible to fully grasp, understand, or be properly grateful for. Our University vision statement envisions that congregations around the globe will be effectively living out the story of God and His mission to the world as a result of our inspiration and education of servant leaders for the church. I’m proud of the work we accomplish every day that pushes us toward that future. How do we advance churches of Christ through our area of influence in academia? The mission statement explicitly points to how we equip servants through our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as through continuing education. And though we may define advancement of the church in different ways and through our various lenses, the connection between the church and what we do every day in teaching, learning, and academic support is clear. To use a picture from biology, it is a mutually symbiotic relationship—when we work together, we can thrive together. And we have worked well together for so many years by God’s abundant grace. There are countless ways in which our academic programs have strengthened the church, and a few should be mentioned. As part of our founding vision as a Bible college, we have been uniquely positioned as an institution with profound emphasis on direct study of the Bible as a core and foundational part of the educational experience. Our Field Education requirements entail the direct practice of ministry as part of our academic programs. Graduate programs include a focus on spiritual formation and maturity appropriate to the level of study. Our undergraduate Bible curriculum includes some comparative advantages to programs elsewhere, including a strong counseling component as part of the required offerings. The pathways that have been created through the generosity of donors are overwhelming in the sheer size and scope of what is accomplished in academics on an everyday basis. In addition, we make these strengths available in an affordable package to so many different types of students (young, older, on-campus, distance learning, commuter, undergraduate, graduate, synchronous, asynchronous, first time, transfer, preacher training school graduate, etc.). And we do all of this with a premier theological library as a resource base, operating at a small size with family values and personability in our relationships. It is with pleasure that we welcome you as a part of this rich heritage.

Mission Statement

Heritage Christian University Graduate School of Theology exists for the advancement of churches of Christ by equipping servants for real-world ministry with a focus on evangelism and a commitment to Scripture.

Graduate School of Theology History

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Graduate School of Theology Faculty

Bill Bagents

Bill Bagents, D.Min., M.Div, M.Ed.

Professor of Ministry, Counseling, and Biblical Studies

Associate Editor of HCU Press


Jeremy W. Barrier, Ph.D.

Professor of Biblical Literature


Jeffrey Brothers

Instructor of Counseling


W. Kirk Brothers, Ph.D


Professor of Leadership and Ministry


Jamie Cox

Jamie Cox, M.L.S.

Librarian & Director of HCU Press

Professor of Library and Information Science


Nathan B. Daily, Ph.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Professor of Religion


Ed Gallagher

Edmon L. Gallagher, Ph.D.

Professor of Christian Scripture


Brad McKinnon

Brad McKinnon, M.A., M.Min.

Associate Professor of History & Managing Editor of HCU Press

Library Media and Information Literacy Specialist & Director of Field Education


Adjunct Faculty

Chris Keeton, D.Min.

Adjunct Instructor of Spiritual Direction

Andrew Phillips, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor of Communication

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