Heritage Christian University exists to help Christians answer God’s call to ministry. We offer a balanced, comprehensive, practical education that impacts the whole person. We aim to:

  • Challenge students academically.
  • Enhance their passion for ministry.
  • Strengthen their skills for service.

Within our rigorous academic program under the direction of experienced Christian leaders, HCU students engage in the study of Scripture, explore the roots of the faith, receive training in ministerial service, identify patterns for character formation, articulate goals, and practice knowledge in a variety of contexts within God’s world. Our distinctive focus maintains real-world ministry and occurs as an outpouring from God’s transformation of the person: heart, mind, whole being.

All Heritage Christian University faculty accept the following statements as literally true: God exists and by His love, mercy, and grace saves all who believe, love, and obey Him; the Bible is God’s Word; Jesus Christ is the Son of God; the church is the body of Christ and “the pillar and bulwark of the truth;” the mission of the church is to glorify God as it evangelizes the world.

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

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