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The Office of Financial Aid encourages you to make additional inquiries by calling
or visiting the Office of Financial Aid. The OFA is located inside the Admissions Office.

Phone: 256-766-6610, 800-367-3565 x303
Fax: 256-718-8021

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

2023–2024 Academic Year Tuition and Fees

Charges for attending HCU are determined by the number of semester credits and program standing. Tuition and fee rates are reviewed annually by the HCU Administrative Council and are subject to change.

Tuition. Tuition is charged per credit hour each semester. Charges are assessed at the current academic tuition rate regardless of residency status or course delivery method.

Registration Fee. Fees are assessed per credit hour with a maximum limit of 12 credit hours. Registration fees subsidize the cost of maintaining academic records, administration of the mandatory placement tests, student support programs, and library-based activities.

Technology Fee. Technology fees support the maintenance of software systems designed for student learning and engagement for each degree-seeking student.

Software Fee. Software fees cover expenses relating to providing Logos Bible Software to degree-seeking students.

On-Campus Housing. On-campus housing is available for full-time single and married students. Room assignments are made according to the date of application. Interested students should contact the Department of Student Affairs (DSA).

On-Campus Reservation Fee. A one-time reservation fee of $300.00 is required for the first semester only for resident students. The reservation fee should accompany the application for admission. The fee is refunded within 10 days after the written request by the student at the end of the contract period (withdrawal from school, move out, or graduation). If a student’s account has an outstanding balance, the University reserves the right to withhold the funds necessary to clear the student’s outstanding balance. All or a portion of the reservation fee may be retained by the university to cover the cost of cleaning, replacement, repair, or correction of unit or common area damages to the property.

Fee Schedule

Acceptance Deposit $100.00
Application Fee (Undergraduate) $35.00
Application Fee (Graduate) $35.00
Application Fee (International) $35.00
Audit Fee (per course) $249.00
Course fee for 0-hour course
Dual Enrollment Fee (per course) $100.00
Graduation Fee (Graduate)  $195.00
Graduation Fee (receive diploma in absentia)  $500.00
Graduation Fee (Undergraduate) $195.00
Late registration fee (add/drop period, per credit hour) $50.00
Library book (late fine) ($20 per book max) $0.10 per book/day
Library book (lost book) ($20 + replacement cost) $0.10 per book/day
On-Campus Housing (married student, fall semester)  $2750.00
On-Campus Housing (married student, spring semester)  $2750.00 
On-Campus Housing (married student, summer semester)  $1100.00 
On-Campus Housing (single student, fall semester)  $2000.00 
On-Campus Housing (single student, spring semester) $2000.00 
On-Campus Housing (single student, summer semester) $1500.00 
On-Campus Housing Reservation Fee $300.00
Practicum Binding Fee $50.00
Practicum Research Continuation Fee (per semester) $374.00
Registration Fee (Graduate, per credit hour, $540 max) $45.00
Registration Fee (Undergraduate, per credit hour, $540 max) $45.00
Software Fee (Undergraduate, per credit hour, $200 max) $20.00
Software Fee (Graduate, optional, per semester) $175.00
Technology Fee (Graduate) $225.00
Technology Fee (Undergraduate) $175.00
Thesis Binding Fee $50.00
Thesis Research Continuation Fee (per semester) $374.00
Transcript Fee (Digital Copy) $2.00 + Fee
Transcript Fee (Mailed Copy) $3.00 + Fee
Tuition (Graduate, per credit hour) $249.00
Tuition (Undergraduate, per credit hour) $423.00

Refund Policy

Upon withdrawal from one or more courses, a refund is due on a pro rata basis according to the schedule below. The withdrawal date is the date the student submits the completed Registration Withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar.

Before First Day of Class through the Drop/Add date 100%
One Week after Drop/Add Date 50%
Two Weeks after Drop/Add Date 25%
Three Weeks after Drop/Add Date 0%

HCU is committed to provide a high quality education at an affordable price. We understand that applying for college and considering options available to pay for college can be an overwhelming experience. The Office of Enrollment Services and the Office of Financial Aid are available to answer your questions.

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