Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

TOTAL: $8,616

Tuition: $5,076*

Registration Fees: $540
($45 per credit hour with max of $540)

Textbooks/ Supplies: $500 (estimate)

Technology Fee: $200
($20 per credit hour with a max of $200)

Room and Board: $2,000**

Housing Reservation Fee: $300***

*Based on full-time enrollment (12 credit hours)
**Dorms are $2000 per semester, 2022-2023 meal plan is free and provides lunch three days a week during the fall and spring semesters.
***Housing Reservation fee is the one-time dorm reservation fee for resident students only. The reservation fee is refunded within 10 days after a written request by the student at the end of the contract period (withdrawal from school, move out, or graduation). If a student’s account has an outstanding balance, the University reserves the right to withhold the funds necessary to clear the student’s outstanding balance. All or a portion of the reservation fee may be retained by the university to cover the cost of cleaning, replacement, repair, or correction of a unit or common area damages to the property.

Net Price Calculator

HCU is committed to provide a high quality education at an affordable price. We understand that applying for college and considering options available to pay for college can be an overwhelming experience. The Office of Enrollment Services and the Office of Financial Aid are available to answer your questions.

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