We’re excited to host your event on the HCU campus! If you have questions about facility usage, please contact Terri Brown at tbrown@hcu.edu or 256-766-6610.

Click here to submit your event request.



Please carefully read over HCU’s Facility Rental Usage Fees and Agreement HERE. *Submit requests no less than two months before the date for which facilities are requested, unless by special circumstances.

The following costs shall be borne by any individual or group utilizing HCU facilities and are due 2 weeks before the event: $500 for use of the main building and/or classrooms. A deposit of $200 is also required two weeks prior to the event. An additional $200 will be charged for the use of the kitchen and/or cafeteria. Please make sure the campus is left in its original condition. An inspection will be made by university staff within three days following the event, and the deposit will be refunded if facilities have been left acceptable.



For all McCreary Cabins rental inquiries, contact Travis Harmon at tharmon@hcu.edu.