What Real Christianity Looks Like: A Study of the Parables (2016 Berean Study Series) 9781533428813 by HCU Faculty and Staff


The issue of what real Christianity looks like presses on believers from multiple sides. If we are going to maintain this historic faith, what does that faith look like in a changing world, and what will it look like a decade from now, or a century? Is the religion that is spreading around the globe now, the same as what Jesus preached? However difficult the parables of Jesus are to understand, they are much more difficult to put into practice. Lessons about mercy and compassion, or responsibility and preparation, or joy and hope, or inclusion and generosity, have resounded in church auditoriums every week from time immemorial, and yet these very character traits prove to be perpetually elusive for many. If the West has rejected Christianity, one may still wonder whether they have really rejected mercy, preparation, hope, inclusion, or whether these are not the values they associate with Christianity. If no, the church has work to do. If we persistently seek the meanings of the parables of Christ, we have assurance that we will find. Join the faculty and staff of Heritage Christian University as we seek and find What Real Christianity Looks Like according to great stories told by Jesus himself.

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