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  • Visions of Restoration: The History of Churches of Christ by John Young

  • Always Near: Listening for Lessons from God by Bill Bagents

  • Equipping the Saints: A Practical Study of Ephesians 4:11-16 by Bill Bagents and Cory Collins

  • I Am: A Study of the True and Living God edited by Jeremy W. Barrier and Charles R. Webb

  • Where Fresh Waters Flow: The Restoration Plea by Cory Collins

  • Instructions for Living: The Ten Commandments (2018 Berean Study Series) 9781719377713 by HCU Faculty and Staff

  • Clothed in Christ: A How-to Guide (2017 Berean Study Series) 9781546605744 by HCU Faculty and Staff

  • What Does Real Christianity Looks Like?: A Study of the Parables (2016 Berean Study Series) 9781533428813 by HCU Faculty and Staff

  • The Ekklesia of Christ: Becoming the People of God (2015 Berean Study Series) 978-1-7320483-2-4 by HCU Faculty and Staff