Beyond Borders with Saint Luke by Dr. Frederick W. Danker


Luke-Acts narrates the God-directed climax in history advanced through Jesus’ ministry and in the experiences of the earliest community of Jesus’ followers. So argues Frederick W. Danker (1920–2012) in this essay that explores the sweeping and inclusive nature of Luke’s twin writings. Notably, Luke directs his message to a broad spectrum of people in many different places. This volume examines the ways in which the Third Gospel and the book of Acts reach out to both Hebrew and Hellenic communities. Danker accomplishes this by analyzing Luke’s placement of Jesus in the context of Israel’s history through the use of motifs significant to his Judean audience and by the use of language often found in ancient Greek inscriptions, rhetoric, and philosophy that would be of interest to his Hellenic listeners. With a thorough and unequaled knowledge of Luke’s original language and an impressive understanding of Luke’s cultural milieu, Danker offers the reader new insights and a fuller understanding of the Luke-Acts narrative.

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