Majesty and Mercy: God Through the Eyes of Isaiah (2022 Berean Study Series) by HCU Faculty and Staff


Isaiah saw the glory and greatness of God with remarkable clarity. He saw God’s heartbroken disappointment as Israel rejected God. But prophetically, he saw God’s passionate pursuit of God’s people as God constantly called them back to grace. He saw God’s judgment and holiness, but he reveled in God’s majesty and mercy.
Majesty and Mercy: God Through the Eyes of Isaiah invites us to see what Isaiah saw. The colossal establishment of the Lord’s house at the top of the mountains. The wondrous suffering servant sent to reconcile the people of God. The rule of righteousness in the hearts of those who believe. The construction of a highway of holiness.
Today, God’s people remain a light to the nations, comforted, sustained, and empowered by the Father who loves us intensely. With the voice of a prophet and the heart of a poet, Isaiah calls us to lift our eyes in faith so we can see what he saw.
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