Imperative: Studies for the Book of James by Ismael Berlanga


Imperative: Studies from the Book of James explores a special characteristic of the New Testament’s most practical book. James contains 54 imperatives—commands and warnings—within 108 verses that are all aimed at spiritual development in the midst of life’s challenges.

Imperative connects James’s wisdom to his own personal life and transformation as revealed through the gospels and gives a unified redemption story from these imperatives. The book’s style is conversational and engaging. It shows strong respect for Scripture and highlights the interaction between James and the rest of the Bible. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions and ideas meant to promote spiritual growth.

Imperative: Studies from the Book of James is a truly unique approach to the book of James because it allows each imperative to drive the conversation. The 54 imperatives and additional teachings will cause readers who are searching for purpose and formation to find new spiritual direction from a first-hand witness of the life and teachings of Jesus!

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