Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb by Coy D. Roper


Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb offers a fresh, realistic, and engaging interaction with one of Scripture’s most enigmatic books. Coy Roper’s conversational style invites readers to approach Ecclesiastes from Solomon’s often dark perspective. Been there, done that, tried it all, and there’s so much about this life that makes little sense. From a temporal perspective, life is amazingly unfair, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. On top of that, everyone dies. Little wonder the words “vanity” and “meaningless” are so often repeated.

Roper employs reasoned contextual analysis, presents exemplary exegesis, and consistently includes specific application. His insights on the unique and often paradoxical nature of wisdom literature are priceless. Ecclesiastes: A Document Designed to Disturb exhibits the heart, humor, and high order thinking of a seasoned biblical scholar who loves the Lord and His people. It avoids platitude and pretense in favor of honest spiritual struggle.

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