FLORENCE, AL—Enrollment at Heritage Christian University continues to rise. The Fall 2021 semester is one of the highest Fall credit student enrollment ever with 131 students. This is the highest enrollment at the university since the fall of 2003, marking six consecutive enrollment periods of growth.

President Kirk Brothers shares his excitement for this year’s enrollment. “God is doing amazing things at Heritage Christian University,” said Brothers. “This is evidenced by a 65% increase in students over the last three years. The fall enrollment was the highest in 17 years and the school broke its graduate school student record once again. To God be the glory!” 

The highest total credit student count in the university’s history was 149 students in the Fall semester of 2001. Since 2001, the number of distance learning students has steadily increased. Out of the 131 credit students seeking a degree in biblical studies this fall, 27 are undergraduate campus or commuter students, 45 are undergraduate distance learning students, and 47 are graduate-level students. The percentage of online or distance learning students is 72% of the student body. 

Among the number of freshman undergraduate students is Garret Woodside, who lives on campus. “Although I’m in my first semester here, it has been incredible,” said Woodside. “Because of the community of teachers and students, I’ve experienced remarkable growth since I arrived, and my knowledge of the scriptures has deepened substantially.”

Since 1968, Heritage Christian University has offered affordable and effective degrees in biblical studies, allowing graduates to thrive in their ministries without the burden of student loan debt. HCU offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, and Master of Divinity.