FLORENCE, AL—Summer semesters aside, spring enrollment is on the rise for the sixth semester in a row at Heritage Christian University. It marks the third straight year in which spring enrollment is higher than the previous fall. Prior to the fall of 2018 and spring of 2019, this has never happened before in the university’s 53-year history.

Another record for the University is most credit students in 16 years (since the fall of 2005).  Out of the 114 credit students seeking a degree in biblical studies this spring, 29 are undergraduate campus or commuter students, 42 are undergraduate distance learning students, and 43 are graduate-level students.

Among the number of undergraduate distance learning students is Graham McDonald, who lives in Scotland. His time has been slightly different than the typical distance learner. “Even though I am thousands of miles away, I feel part of the university and I am thoroughly enjoying the classes I have. It is a real boost to me personally and my preaching here in the United Kingdom.”

The university is also experiencing back-to-back semesters with over 100 students. President Kirk Brothers shares the historical significance of this year’s enrollment. “It has been 15 years since that last happened, in the spring and fall of 2006, “ said Brothers. “And while we also have 90 audit students, there are an additional 90 who are joining our two ladies’ bible classes this spring.” 

Since 1968, Heritage Christian University has offered affordable and effective degrees in biblical studies, allowing graduates to thrive in their ministries without the burden of student loan debt. HCU offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, and Master of Divinity.