Now available! The 2019 Berean Bible Study, Visions of Grace: Stories from Scripture

What is the grace of God? What does that term signify? Unfortunately, the word “grace”—like “church” and “atonement”—might be one of those church-y words that people throw around and don’t really understand, a word that does more to obscure than to reveal.  

In Visions of Grace, thirteen lessons as stories from scripture help illuminate grace, to present a vision of it, or, rather, a series of visions. This study will invite you to live graciously and gratefully in response to his bounteous gifts.

The Berean Study Series is a 13-lesson resource, consisting of 13 videos and corresponding study guides (available as a pdf file or printed book) for each lesson. Each 25-minute video message can stand on its own or be used as a springboard for class discussion. To order the videos, contact Melanie Irions at or 256.766.6610 x. 312.

These practical lessons have been designed to strengthen your Bible study curriculum. How? Use this resource as a congregational summer series or plug the video series in for a quarter of study in an adult Bible class or personal devotion time. May God bless you in your daily walk as you apply the teachings of Christ with much thought and practice.