Instructions for Living: The Ten Commandments
(Berean Study Series) (Volume 4)


Instructions for Living, explores how the Ten Commandments continue to teach Christians about their God and how they ought to love Him and their neighbors. These practical lessons have been designed to strengthen your Bible study curriculum. How? Use this resource as a congregational summer series or plug the video series in for a quarter of study in an adult Bible class or personal devotion time. May God bless you in your daily walk as you apply the teachings of Christ with much thought and practice.

The following are the lessons presented in this series and are all available on our YouTube channel. If you do not have access to the internet in your building, please contact Brianna Butler about ordering the 2018 Berean Study Series on a flash drive at no cost to you. You can download the PDF Study Guides for each lesson by clicking on each presenters name, or to purchase the book, please click here.

Introducing the CommandmentsDr. Ed Gallagher

The Christian and Old Testament LawNathan Daily

I Am the Lord Your GodDr. Jeremy Barrier

No Other GodsPresident Kirk Brothers

No IdolsArvy Dupuy

The Name of the LordDr. Bill Bagents

Remember the SabbathWayne Kilpatrick

Honoring ParentsPhilip Goad

You Shall Not MurderBrad McKinnon

Against AdulteryDr. Michael Jackson

Against StealingMatt Heupel

Against LyingTravs Harmon

Against CovetingJustin Guin


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