For the Glory of God: Christ and the Church in Ephesians
(Berean Study Series) (Volume 7)

While suffering in chains, the apostle Paul exulted in the glory of God as revealed in the gospel of freedom. The result was a brief letter to the Ephesian Christians packed with theological weight and practical instruction. Here Paul reflects on pre-destination, and the Holy Spirit in the Christian life, and racial reconciliation. The apostle encourages unity among believers that collectively form the body of Christ, unity that should take concrete form in marriages and the relationship between parents and children and even masters and slaves. He wants his readers to recognize that they are involved in a spiritual battle against demonic forces, a battle that requires the Christian to wear the full armor of God. This year’s Berean Study Series includes thirteen lessons covering each major section of Ephesians. Each lesson encourages Christians today to take seriously the call of God so that they may grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ.

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The following are the lessons presented in this series and are all available on our YouTube channel. If you do not have access to the internet in your building, please contact Brianna Butler about ordering the 2021 Berean Study Series on a flash drive at no cost to you.


1 – In Christ is Every Spiritual Blessing
C. Wayne Kilpatrick

2 – Paul Prays
Travis Harmon

3 – Saved by Grace Through Faith
Bill Bagents

4 – Living Sanctuaries
Kirk Brothers

5 – The Greatest Unsolved Mystery…Solved!
Jeremy W. Barrier

6 – Paul’s Prayer
Michael Jackson

7 – Our Role in Growing the Church
Robert Youngblood

8 – Transformation in Christ
Jeffrey Brothers

9 – Forgiveness
Arvy Dupuy

10 – From Darkness to Light
Clay McFerrin

11 – Submit Yourselves to One Another
Nathan Guy

12 – Masters and Slaves
Ed Gallagher

13 – Be Strong in the Lord
Justin Guin

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