We ask that all of you join us in prayers for the family of our beloved sister Maye Coil as she passed from this life on March 16. During her long tenure as International Bible College’s First Lady, she blessed our university and her husband, Charles Coil, in countless ways.
In recent years, “Miss” Maye continued to pray for us and to inquire about HCU’s wellbeing even as she was very sick herself. It blesses our hearts to think of the reunion of Charles and Maye Coil in God’s tomorrow
As they both mourn her loss and celebrate her victory in Christ, please ask God’s blessings on Charles Coil Jr., Charlotte Martin, Chris Coil, and Carole Medley. 

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  • emma coil says:

    I miss u Mimi

  • Colin Vine says:

    Jennie and I have such fond memories of Maye Coil. We know what a blessing she was to everyone who knew her. She encouraged us during our time at IBC, and we know she will be sorely missed.

    We send our love and sympathy to the family.

  • Justin Imel says:

    Praying for the family. I have very fond memories of “Miss” Maye.

  • Donna Payne says:

    Miss Maye was a lady in the finest sense of the word and a dear friend to Charles and I.
    Donna Payne