FLORENCE, AL—Heritage Christian University is pleased to report the highest enrollment of credit students in the 55-year history of the university for the Spring 2023 semester. This semester marks an increase of 13% from a record-breaking Fall 2022 semester and an astounding 74% increase since the Spring 2020 semester. In addition, the historic numbers include 86 graduate students, another record for the university. 

HCU President Dr. Kirk Brothers shares his excitement for this significant time. “We serve an awesome God! He has allowed us nine consecutive semesters of overall student growth. That equates to 107% student growth since the fall of 2018. For us, these numbers are not about records or making history, it is about the future. Each number represents one more person training to be a better minister for God, one more person who wants to be better equipped to spread the Gospel of Christ. Our amazing donors and every department on our campus played a role in making this possible. But, most of all, we give glory to our amazing God! Our job is to plant and water, but He provides the increase.” 

Vice President of Student Services Travis Harmon, who has been employed with HCU for over 25 years, leads the enrollment department’s efforts. “This is a very exciting time for Heritage Christian University. Often people refer to certain points in time as the good old days, but I think we are living in those days now at HCU. HCU is thriving and carrying out its mission”, said Harmon. “Over the last ten years, we have been watching the total number of credit students continue to rise. The future is bright for ministers, the Lord’s Church, and HCU!”

While 162 credit students is monumental for the university, this does not take into account the numerous students who choose to audit classes instead of taking them for credit. All HCU courses are available to be audited, either on campus or through the distance learning program. 

Since 1968, Heritage Christian University has offered affordable and effective degrees in biblical studies, allowing graduates to thrive in their ministries without the burden of student loan debt. HCU offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, and Master of Divinity. HCU is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. For more information about Heritage Christian University, visit www.hcu.edu.