This year’s series, Clothed In Christ:A How-To Guide, has been  designed to help God’s people, and especially new Christians, understand some of the important basics of living a Christian life. For a preview, see the video here. 
The Berean Study Series is a 13-lesson resource, consisting of 13 videos and corresponding study guides (available as a pdf file or as a printed book) for each lesson. The faculty and staff of HCU have created this resource to strengthen your educational curriculum. For more ideas on how to use, see below. Thirteen videos and a digital copy of the supplemental materials will be provided to you via a flash drive – free of charge. Each 25-minute video message can stand on its own or be used as a springboard for class discussion. If you do prefer printed class books, they can be ordered online at for $4.99 per book.
To order this free resource for your congregation, contact Melanie Irions at 256-766-6610 ext. 312 or We look forward to hearing from you!

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