Despite the worldwide pandemic, Robert Guinn is still thriving in ministry. Throughout his time as a student at Heritage Christian University, and especially this spring, Robert attended classes live and remotely. He shares:

“As I prepare to reach the hearts, minds, and souls of the lost, I am equipped and ready to serve. Not only has HCU been so practical and spot on with the training, but it has also been very affordable for my family. The price really fits that of a minister. Even better is the ability to attend classes in Distance Learning format.”

This recent graduate is just one of the hundreds of students who have continued to train for ministry because of their passion for the Lord, utilizing the flexible and affordable instruction God has made possible at HCU. Never have remote learning and affordability been as important for our students as they are right now.

God continues to do more than we can ask or imagine. Despite the pandemic, our Creator has continued to open doors of opportunity for us and has provided a significant increase in enrollment this summer and fall.

  • The enrollment of 210 credit/audit students this summer dwarfs our normal summer enrollment and represents the largest combined credit/audit enrollment in the history of the school.
  • The combined number of credit/audit students this fall (206 students) is the second-highest in the history of HCU.
  • The number of credit students we have this fall is. . . 
                        – 33% higher than the fall of 2018
                        – 22% higher than the fall of 2019 
                        – 19.35% higher than the spring of 2020
                        – the highest credit student numbers in 15 years. 

The number of graduate students we have this fall is the largest in school history.

God is doing amazing things at Heritage Christian University. Join us in thanking Him for His kindness! We also want to thank the many supporters and employees who have been the Father’s instruments to make amazing things happen. We are honored to serve our dedicated and hardworking students. Please continue to pray for our faculty, staff, students, board members, and supporters as we seek to fulfill the mission the Father has given us and to glorify His name.