When you make a gift to Heritage Christian University, you are supporting a mission effort where giving makes a difference…

…in the lives of our students. The Heritage Fund supports student scholarships and the activities that enrich the campus experience.

…in the Kingdom work of our faculty. The Heritage Fund supports teaching, biblical research, missions, and continuing education projects that bless both the university and the Lord’s church.

…in the mission of a thriving university where souls are the focus. The Heritage Fund supports the single university initiative that dates all the way back to 1971 – preparing those who will help prepare others for eternity.

…in a lost world. The Kingdom impact of HCU graduates is world-wide with graduates serving in 38 US states and 22 countries.

Your participation is vital! While it is “all about souls,” each donor has a unique motivation for supporting the Lord’s work at HCU. While the Heritage Fund ensures that every aspect of the educational process is funded, your gift can be directed to the area of the educational process you most value, making your priorities clear and your participation all the more meaningful.