As a student, you have been issued an email address. School policy states that this email is to be used for all university communication. It is important that you check this email inbox regularly so that you do not miss important messages from the school.

There’s an app for that!

Populi and Zoom both have mobile apps for Apple and Android users. These are convenient options for on-the-go learning, but be aware that their functions are limited and should not be your only means of interaction with your coursework.


Just because you are a DL student does not mean that you can’t use our fabulous library! Several online databases and e-book options are available for your research. You can log into all of these using your Populi credentials.

ID Cards

Student ID cards are great to have for discounts or to access local libraries for research. You can access your digital ID card in the Populi app. If you need a physical card, you may request one by emailing

LOGOS Software

Degree-seeking undergraduate students receive Logos software as part of their tuition and fees. Graduate students have the option to purchase at HCU’s academic discount pricing. Logos is a valuable tool for sermon prep and Bible study. For training information, technical help, or more information, contact Clay McFerrin at


Some of your courses may require proctoring for quizzes/tests. A proctor is someone over the age of 21 and not related to you who can supervise the security of your test-taking. Proctor requirements are at the discretion of each instructor and may vary by class. Your proctor will fill out a virtual form in Populi at the time you take your test.

Christian Service Reporting

HCU operates almost entirely on the donations of church members throughout the country. One way we stay connected and accountable to our donors is by letting them see the impact their donations have on the work at HCU and in the church. That’s why you’ll receive an email each week asking about how you are working in and blessing your local congregation…not to check up on you or keep score. It’s completely anonymous and used only as aggregate information.

Field Education, Missions Practicum, and Internships

An undergraduate degree at HCU requires supervised field experience in a specific area of ministry combined with academic resources and personal reflection. Mentors are chosen by the student to oversee these field experiences. Your specific requirements may vary based on transfer credits and other factors.

Who can help me?

Financial Aid/Billing – Mechelle Thompson (x.303 –

Library/Field Ed – Brad McKinnon (x.305 –

Forms/Withdrawals/Graduation (Registrar) – Whitney Burgess (x.320 –

Zoom & Student Email Issues (IT) – Justin Connolly (x.300 –

Advising/Populi Help – Courtney Patterson ( or Autumn Richardson (x.313 –

Housing for Events/Student Services – Travis Harmon (x.316 –

LOGOS – Clay McFerrin (x.330 –