HCU has been offering distance learning since 1989, and all of our degrees are available online. The same admissions and academic policies apply regardless of delivery method. Online courses are offered both synchronously and asynchronously for maximum opportunity and flexibility.

What is Distance Learning?

At HCU, distance learning (DL) is a method of taking classes using internet tools so that you do not have to physically come to campus. Courses are delivered via an online platform called Populi and with Zoom video conferencing.

Do I need certain equipment or computer skills?

You should own your own computer and be comfortable with email, web browsing, and word processing to be a successful DL student. Your computer will need to be equipped with a working microphone and webcam. Chromebooks do NOT meet system requirements needed for coursework.

Does it cost more to take online classes?

The cost of tuition and fees is the same at HCU, whether your course is in person or online.

What are the benefits of Distance Learning?

DL affords you the ability to stay in your current job and living situation while going to school. You have the flexibility and convenience you need without having to sacrifice quality. You will gain the benefits of community with your top-notch faculty and fellow students and gain a balance of  knowledge and practical skill for ministry in your current context.

Will I ever be expected to come to campus?

The only time you will have to come to campus is to attend your graduation ceremony.

How do I register for classes?

You will be assigned an advisor who will meet with you via Zoom. In these meetings, you will discuss course load, degree requirements, career options, and any questions or concerns you might have. After advising, your registration will be “unlocked” so that you can select your courses for the upcoming semester.

Do classes meet live or can I work at my own pace?

DL or online classes are labeled as either asynchronous or synchronous. Most classes are offered in both delivery modes. Language courses may require synchronous attendance, but all others can be taken asynchronously. Both delivery methods follow the regular academic semester schedule and have typical deadlines and course expectations.

What do the terms synchronous and asynchronous mean?

Synchronous means that you attend the course via video conference in real time, interacting with students and instructors on campus. Asynchronous means that you will not attend live classes at a certain time of day. Video and other instructional tools will be made available to you to complete your coursework within a given time frame.

How can I be a successful DL student?

Success is possible, especially for independent learners, and is accomplished through budgeting your time, being organized, keeping in touch with your instructors and classmates, and communicating clearly in your writing. The Department of Distance Learning is here to support you throughout your time at HCU as well with student support services, tech support, and academic advising.