Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

The DSA provides opportunities for spiritual growth through chapel services Tuesday through Thursday during each semester. Distance Learning students as well as campus students may access recorded chapel messages through Facebook Live.

The DSA provides opportunities for spiritual growth through regular on-campus devotionals planned in conjunction with the SGA (Student Government Association). These are announced in chapel and posted on the “Dashboard” in Populi.

The DSA provides opportunities for spiritual growth through the Field Education Report and student mission opportunities. Mr. Brad McKinnon, the Director of Field Education, assists students in coordinating the field education and missions practicum requirements. Dean of Students Mr. Travis Harmon plans student mission opportunities.

Health Services

The DSA provides arrangements for students to obtain health services. These arrangements include locating local doctors and medical clinics, offering transportation to and from health services, and informing students regarding private health insurance. Tylenol and similar first-aid items are available in the Business Office. The DSA provides health information and assistance DL students as requested and feasible.

Student Activities

The DSA provides a soccer field, the Dr. John Kerr Student Center, a disc golf course, and the gymnasium on campus for exercise and fellowship. The DSA seeks to enhance and expand these facilities in keeping with student requests. The DSA sponsors, together with the SGA, basketball tournaments, ping-pong tournaments, international dinners, game nights, and other events. Students are encouraged to request and initiate activities in which they have an interest. Using campus facilities and scheduling campus events must also be approved by the Director of Community Relations, Janet Moon, who keeps the university calendar. From time to time, faculty and staff members will invite students into their homes, organize day trips, etc.

The DSA publicizes and promotes outreach and service activities sponsored by local congregations. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to notify the DSA of any such activities planned by the local congregations they serve and attend.

Student and Campus Life

The DSA encourages attitudes and behaviors that fit the image of Jesus Christ and the purpose of Heritage Christian University. The Student and Dormitory Handbook explains the policies and guidelines designed to support these goals. The Handbook serves as an objective, practical rulebook, which each student agrees to follow while at HCU. The Handbook covers important matters related to philosophy, character, conduct, chapel attendance, disciplinary procedures, emergency procedures, and dormitory life. Each student is expected to be familiar with the contents of the Handbook and to abide by it. The link to the current edition is posted near the top of this page.

Career Counseling

The DSA provides information to students regarding speaking opportunities and ministry openings for which they may be qualified. Ministry openings are often posted on the bulletin board on the south wall inside the Bible building, next to the Distance Learning office. These opportunities are also posted here on the HCU website.

Learning Center

Walk-in tutoring sessions are available in the Overton Memorial Library each Tuesday classes are in session from 4pm to 5pm. Experienced students are available to provide assistance with theology/biblical studies courses, SBL formatting/general writing issues, as well as help with the general education curriculum. Students who need extra assistance because of academic difficulties may arrange for additional help through the Department of Student Affairs.