Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree program (campus or distance learning) must complete four 1-hour Missions Practicum units. Completion of mission work (international or domestic) totaling 30 hours is required. These hours may be fulfilled through approved congregational mission trips, Christian camps, Vacation Bible Schools, house-to-house evangelism, etc.

Associate’s degree and transfer students should see the Vice President /Dean of Academic Affairs or the Director of Christian Service for requirements tailored to their specific situations.

Fulfilling Our Mission

As a part of Heritage Christian University’s mission to train workers to evangelize the world, we have founded the Center for Missions Training and Information (CMTI). The primary function of the CMTI is to train and equip HCU students and those within the church community for effective, Bible-based missions. We are using a two-year training program. When completed, each student will receive a certificate of completion.

Students will receive a certificate if they attend six of the eight seminars and two of the four forums over the two-year period. The seminars will address specific topics essential to understanding the biblical basis and pattern for missions. The forums will focus on specific themes related to missions.

Faculty and staff of HCU teach and serve, or have served, across the globe in places such as Albania, Argentina, Asia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, England, Fiji, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, Myanmar, Nambia, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Vanuatu, and Vietnam.

For more information contact:
Joey Barrier

Training Courses

Dates to be announced unless indicated.

Spring Seminars
– Logistics and Foreign Travel/ Mission Field Relationships

Spring Forum
– Maywood Missionary Retreat

Fall Seminars
– The Biblical Pattern for Mission work/ Evangelistic Program Development
– Teaching and Preaching in the Mission Field/ Training Local Workers

Fall Forum
–Training Youth for Missions

Spring Seminars
– Mass Media Methods/ Follow-up Evangelism
– Comprehensive Mission Plan Development

Spring Forum
– Maywood Missionary Retreat

The door is open. The fields are white. The laborers are few. Please come, learn, experience, and help to spread the gospel to all the world.

*Exact titles and dates of seminars to be announced closer to each event. See here for more information.