Policy Regarding Use of Copyright Protected Material
Created 7.4.07; Revised 8.16.10

US Copyright Law seems to be in a state of major confusion. It will always be the policy of Heritage Christian University to comply fully with the law. Until the courts bring clarification to the application of existing laws, the policy of Heritage Christian University is as follows:

  1. Do not post copyright protected material in any electronic form for student access.
  2. Do not create “print packs” of copyright protected material for student access. NOTE: This restriction applies even if the “packs” are made available free or on nonprofit basis.
  3. Do not copy or require the copying of the same specific articles term after term.
  4. Use copyright protected electronic materials (video, digital material, etc.) only in the classroom setting, unless you secure permission for use them over the internet.
  5. Assign copyright protected reading to students only if they meet one of the following conditions:
    • The material is available to students online (ATLAS, EBSCO, etc).
    • HCU holds permission from the copyright holder to copy the material for classroom use.
    • Students can purchase the material.
    • OML can legally make the material available as requested by individual students.
    • NOTE: It appears that current law excludes transmission of copyright protected material by electronic means. Library staff will, as allowed by law, copy and mail individually requested materials to students.
  6. Alternatives that will assist in compliance with the statements above include:
    1. The teacher presents a summary of key articles to the class.
    2. Individual students, respectively, present a summary of key articles to the class. (e.g., each key article is assigned to only one student who reviews and reports to the class.)
    3. Expand the use of textbooks.
    4. Give preference (in assignments) to articles available through ATLAS.

We acknowledge that these recommendations will change instructional procedures for some of you. We acknowledge that this will be inconvenient. However, we are unable to identify a policy that allows unrestricted use of copyright protected material, even for educational purposes.

For further information: http://librarycopyright.net/digitalslider