The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies is a 128-hour program that notifies the world at large that the graduate has successfully completed the work that prepares a person for effective evangelistic ministry. Bachelor of Arts graduates have a doctrinal, historical, and systematic perspective of Christianity and its worldwide mission. Students apply a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible to their personal lives, reason critically and logically, communicate effectively, and connect scholarly excellence with spiritual growth.

Course Requirements for BA in Biblical Studies (128 hrs)

General Education (44 hrs)

  • Area 1: Written Composition (6 hrs)
    • EG101 English Composition I
    • EG102 English Composition II
  • Area 2: Humanities and Fine Arts (12 hrs)
    • CM110 Public Speaking
    • EG203 World Literature
    • MU141 Music Appreciation
    • TH211 World Religions
  • Area 3: Natural Sciences and Mathematics (7 hrs)
    • MH110 Finite Mathematics
    • BIO201 Introduction to Biology 1(4)
  • Area 4: History, Social, and Behavioral Science (9 hrs)
    • PS201 Psychology
    • A 6-hour sequence of…
      • HY101 World History to 1500, HY102 World History since 1500


    • A 6-hour sequence of…
      • HY201 US History to 1877, HY211 US History since 1877
  • Area 5: Foreign Language (6 hrs)
    • A 6-hour sequence of…
      • GK201 Greek I, GK202 Greek II


    • A 6-hour sequence of…
      • HB211 Hebrew I, HB222 Hebrew II
  • Area 6: Information Literacy (4 hrs)
    • IL111 University Life (1)
    • IL222 Research Methods (1)
    • IL333 Vocation: Goals, Service, Leadership (1)
    • IL444 Capstone Portfolio (1)

Biblical and Theological Studies (39 hrs)

  • Canonical and Historical Foundations (12 hrs)
    • CH201 Church History
    • NT101 Survey of the New Testament
    • OT201 Survey of the Old Testament
    • TH102 Theology of Scripture
  • Contextualization and Interpretation: Old Testament (9 hrs)
    • NTOT482 Biblical Interpretation
    • HB329 Hebrew III
    • HB448 Hebrew IV
    • OT364 Old Testament Literature
    • OT421 Introduction to the Old Testament
    • OT488 Special Topics in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East
  • Contextualization and Interpretation: New Testament (9 hrs)
    • GK347 Greek III
    • GK438 Greek IV
    • NT363 New Testament Literature
    • NT422 Introduction to the New Testament
    • NT477 Special Topics in New Testament and Christian Origins
    • NTOT482 Biblical Interpretation
  • Contextualization and Interpretation: Christian Theology (3 hrs)
    • TH301 Introduction to Christian Theology
    • TH466 Special Topics in Christian Theology
  • Contextualization and Interpretation: History of Christianity (6 hrs)
    • CH312 Restoration Movement
    • HY372 Bible Geography and Archaeology
    • CH433 Special Topics in Church History
    • HY382 History of Religion in America
    • HY455 Special Topics in History

Professional Studies (21 hrs)

  • Holistic Practice of Ministry: Ministry Foundations (9 hrs)
    • MN102 Practical Evangelism and Missions
    • MN212 Homiletics
    • CN201 Fundamentals of Counseling
  • Holistic Practice of Ministry: Ministry in Context (3 hrs)
    • MN428 Contemporary Ministry
    • MN401 Ministry in the Local Church
  • Specialized Practice of Ministry (9 hrs)
    • CN312 Human Wellness
    • CN362 Addiction Counseling
    • CN302 Marriage and Family Counseling
    • CN401 Theories of Counseling
    • MN248 Fundamentals of Youth and Family Minsitry
    • MN301 Adolescent Spiritual Development
    • MN344 Ministry to Women
    • MN361 Church Leadership
    • MN371 Women Teaching Scripture
    • MN322 Missions Across Cultures
    • MN342 Advanced Preaching
    • MN401 Ministry in the Local Church
    • MN423 Women in Christian Tradition
    • MN428 Contemporary Ministry
    • MN444 Special Topics in Ministry
    • MN446 Special Topics in Women’s Ministry

Ministry Formation (6 hrs)

  • Discipline for Ministry (1hr)
    • MN142 Spiritual Formation (1)
  • Supervised Practice of Ministry (5 hrs)
    • MN253 Field Education Laboratory (1,2,3 hrs)
    • MN353 Missions Practicum (1,2,3 hrs)
    • MN450 Internship I
    • MN452 Internship II

Electives (18 hrs)


Total hours for Course Requirements for BA in Biblical Studies: 128 Hours