FLORENCE, AL – Heritage Christian University is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the YMCA of the Shoals that promises to enhance spirituality and provide invaluable spiritual support to YMCA members and the Shoals community. This exciting collaboration, known as the YMCA Chaplaincy Program, is set to create enriching experiences for residents of the Shoals.

The YMCA Chaplaincy Program is designed to provide spiritual support through a unique internship opportunity at the YMCA Shoals. The students will gain real-world experience by supporting YMCA members and program participants. Over several months of discussions, this partnership has come to fruition with the appointment of HCU Student Taylor Cooper (pictured left) as the inaugural Chaplain.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with the YMCA,” said Travis Harmon, Vice President of Student Services at Heritage Christian University. “The YMCA Chaplaincy Program is an enriching experience for our students and extends its reach to include our staff and faculty. Together with the YMCA, we aim to create another spiritual growth platform within the Shoals area.”

One of the program’s initial initiatives includes setting up a table in the YMCA foyer where individuals can engage in conversations and pray with HCU volunteers. Taylor Cooper will oversee the scheduling of volunteers, making this service available to Heritage Christian University staff, faculty, and students. Furthermore, the YMCA has generously offered space for Heritage Christian University to conduct occasional community Bible classes, strengthening the ties between the institution and the community it serves, all while supporting the Christian mission of the YMCA. 

“We are excited to launch our new internship program and give students the opportunity to learn and grow with us,” said YMCA CEO Lane Vines. “We believe that internships are a valuable way for students to gain experience and make connections that will help them in their future careers.”

The YMCA Chaplaincy Program represents a significant step forward in fostering spiritual growth, support, and public engagement. Heritage Christian University is excited to embark on this journey with the YMCA and looks forward to its positive impact on the Shoals area.

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To learn more about the YMCA, please visit the YMCA’s website at www.ymcashoals.org. If you are a student looking to gain valuable experience and boost your career possibilities, an internship is a great option.