We accept 70 qualified applicants (40 boys, 30 girls).

Applications are online and will be taken of a first come, first serve basis.


13 Years of Training Teens for Useful Service:

13th  year for boys & 11th year for girls

TITUS camp is held at Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama.  Within the churches of Christ we are one of the largesttraining camps (70+ students), most cost effective(only $25), longest(8 days), and the only training camp where ALL campers are given a preaching & teaching appointment on the final Sunday morning!   We don’t vote on the “best speaker/preacher” of the week, or elevate those who have the more experience than others, and do not have competition for the Final 4 or Elite 8.  We emphasize the personal growth of ALL the youth that attend camp.   We desire to build up both young men AND young women who desire to polish their public speaking skills and leadership training.  The ladies are given separate classes, chapel, devos, etc. to grow their own talents in various areas.  THIS YEAR WE HAD 39 BOYS & 20 GIRLS ENROLLED FOR CAMP.

151 Congregations Impacted By Teens Trained for Christian Service

Campers from 12 different states have graduated through TITUS Camp (Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, California).  Each of those students are encouraged to serve in their home congregations when they return.  22 local churches have hosted the campers in the Shoals area.  This year we had six states represented at CAMP (Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky) from 28 different congregations.  Two campers are moving with their family to Fiji later this year.

321 Students Trained for Ministry & Missions

Many campers will return multiple years for additional training.  29 campers have gone on to full-time or part-time ministry around the world.  Many students are given scholarships to Heritage Christian University to further their training.  If you are interested in attending Heritage Christian University please contact them ASAP (www.hcu.edu).

ALL Campers Receive
Personalized Training for Real World Ministry

Campers are assigned at least 2 counselors/mentors and placed in a group of 8-10 kids (TITUS family cluster).  They work together on lessons from Monday-Thursday, practice on Friday-Saturday, and deliver their assigned message on Sunday.  The women teach a ladies Bible class and the men preach in a classroom or morning worship service at a Shoals area congregation (Center Hill, Cloverdale, Collinwood, Eastwood, Florence Blvd, Jackson Heights, Pine Hill, Salem) on the final Sunday of camp.  We are blessed to have support from these area churches.

ALL Campers Receive College Level Courses to Prepare for the Next Step

Training at TITUS can be intense but effective.  Each day our students have 3 hours of Homiletics, 2-4 hours of Special Emphasis classes (Speech/Advanced Speech, Missions, Christian Worldview, Spiritual Formation, Prayer, Bible classes, etc.), 1 hour for Library Research, in addition to other special classes and daily training.  Many classes are taught by HCU professors, TITUS Camp staff, and Shoals area ministers.  We have Manna in the Morning (devo), Chapel, Impromptu Speech, Power Hour (evening worship), Small Groups and Dorm Room Devo.  We have daily fun activities like hiking, games, ultimate Frisbee tournament, soccer, movies, karaoke, trivia, etc.  We also set aside at least one hour a day for rest, meditation, and journaling.  The “field guides” can be downloaded off our website.

ALL Funds Collected Are Used for the Direction of TITUS Camp

Our staff is 100% voluntary.  We are dedicated to the cause.  However, it is still expensive to operate TITUS camp.  The operating costs have increased to about $12,000 a year which includes food, books, shirts, polos, Bibles, bags, paper, supplies, activities, gas, etc.  All the funds we collect are strictly for TITUS camp.  Heritage Christian University is gracious enough to supply staff, utilities, and facilities.  Campers pay only a $25 non-refundable application fee. The remaining funds are composed of staff collections, church support, and personal donations.  It is our prayer that God will continue to bless this great work!  Thank you for your support of TITUS camp!


Information is available online at www.hcu.edu