Joel Stephen Williams

Adjunct Instructor of Christian Theology

Dr. Williams’ focus has been on serving the church through pulpit ministry, writing and Christian education. With over thirty years experience in ministry, mission work and education, he is able to assist others in developing many of the abilities that are needed by a communicator of the gospel in today’s world. His focus in university teaching is on church history and theology, especially Christology, ethics and Christian spirituality. He and his wife Dail have two daughters, both of whom are teachers, and two grandchildren.


Ph.D., Religion, Baylor University, 1987.

M.Th., Religion, Harding University Graduate School of Religion, 1976.

B.S., Chemistry, Harding University, 1972.

General Publications

What is Christianity? Gainesville, FL: Kerygma Books, 1997.

The More Excellent Way. Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 1993.

Studies in Christian Ethics. Abilene, TX: Quality Publications, 1990.

Paul’s Letter to the Romans. New Delhi, India: World Literature Publications, 1990.

The Resurrection and Exaltation of Jesus Christ. New Delhi, India: World Literature Publications, 1989.

The Problem of Pain and Suffering. South Bend, IN: John Clayton, 1989.

Grace, Faith, and Obedience. New Delhi, India: World Literature Publications, 1988.

Sermons on the Cross. Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 1987.

A Thorn in Your Flesh. Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 1985.

Your Preacher. Winona, MS: Choate Publications, 1979.

The Death of a Child: A Christian Perspective. Austin, TX: Firm Foundation, 1977.