Janet P. Barrier

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics and Missions


Mrs. Barrier has taught Mathematics at Faulkner University and presently teaches Math at Heritage Christian University.  Janet has taken classes at International Bible College and also Heritage Christian University. She also teaches the Women’s Studies classes at Heritage Christian University.  She and her husband Wayne, along with their four children, Jenny, Jamie, Joey, Jeremy, and spouses are involved in mission work activities in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Peru. The Barriers currently direct nine Bible colleges and schools in Asia. She also speaks for Ladies Days in the states and teaches ladies and children’s classes overseas.  Mrs. Barrier also is involved in the planning of the annual Maywood Missionary Retreat in Hamilton, Alabama. She has five grandchildren, Gracie, Noah, Lan, Samuel, and Sophia.


M.S., Mathematics, The University of North Alabama, 1985

M.S., History, Geography, Mathematics, The University of Tennessee, 1972