We have several continuing education programs at HCU, including a few that lead to certificates in specific areas. Check out these programs below:

The Center for Missions Training and Information Certificate Program

CMTI is a resource for mission work in Churches of Christ. Every other month, a practical missions seminar is offered on campus, free of charge for the purpose of training elders, church leaders, preachers, and missionaries in taking the Gospel to all the world in the 21st century. This program offers certificates in missions. Click on the link for more information.

Adult Education Program

The Adult education is a program that offers training and instruction in various topics for those who want more, Biblically and Theologically speaking. Several lecture series exist as a means for offering this training, such as the Graduate Lectures (every Spring) and the Jack P. Lewis Lectures (every Fall). In addition to these scheduled lectures, others take place ad hoc throughout the year. Contact Ed Gallagher (egallagher@hcu.edu) for more information.

Resource Development Model for Small Churches Certificate Program*

This certificate program is offered in conjunction with the graduate program at HCU, and is specifically designed to train church workers in how to grow churches especially when there are limited resources to draw on. From what we know of the first century church, they had limited funds, limited human resources, limited social networks and virtually no political connections, yet they grew! It may be possible that churches are adopting ‘mega-church’ models that for all practical purposes cannot and will not be sustained in the long run. This program is hoping to remedy this deficiency. To complete the certificate program, one must audit seven classes and attend (or watch online) several seminars to complete the certificate. See the HCU 2016-17 Graduate Catalog for more information.

*If you are interested in any of our certificate programs, please contact enrollment services, and they will be able to assist in the process of enrolling for the program.