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  • Cruciform Christ: 52 Reflections on the Gospel of Mark by Travis Bookout

  • Jesus the Christ: Chapters for Bible Teachers by Ed Gallagher

  • The Christian Life by Ed Gallagher

  • Rescue: God and Sin in the Old Testament by John F. Wakefield

  • Revisiting Life’s Oases: Soul-Soothing Stories by Bill Bagents

  • Welcoming God’s Word: Reading With Head and Heart by Bill Bagents

  • The Holy Spirit: A Bible Study Guide by Jack Wilhelm

  • King of Glory: 52 Reflections on the Gospel of John by Travis Bookout

  • Counseling for Church Leaders by Bill Bagents and Rosemary Snodgrass

  • Easing Life’s Hurts by Jack P. Wilhelm and Bill Bagents

  • Visions of Restoration: The History of Churches of Christ by John Young

  • Always Near: Listening for Lessons from God by Bill Bagents