Heritage Christian University is seeking an experienced fundraiser to join the Heritage family in fulfilling its mission of advancing the Lord’s church through undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education. The position could include administrative responsibilities as Associate VP of Advancement. The job title and financial package will be dependent on the credentials and experience of the applicant. Due to the fact this involves raising funds for an academic institution, applicants should have a college degree, preferably in business, marketing, sales, communication, biblical studies, or a related field. They should be team players with communication and people skills, integrity, a strong work ethic, organizational skills, and the ability to manage people. Fundraising experience is highly preferred.

Responsibilities will include helping to craft an overall fundraising/friendraising vision, retaining church and individual supporters, seeking new church and individual supporters, planning capital projects, and exploring opportunities for planned giving (estate plans, etc.). Experience in making meaningful relationships with and raising funds from high-level donors is preferred. The position will involve travel, and candidates will be required to live in the Shoals area, be active members of a non-instrumental congregation of the churches of Christ, and be committed to the mission of Heritage Christian University.

Those interested in becoming part of our family should submit a resume/vita to J.T. Harrison at jharrison@hcu.edu. Since this position may include administrative responsibilities, those who move to the group interview stage will be required to submit a document summarizing their vision for a comprehensive fundraising plan.