Heritage Christian University (HCU) is proud to announce that Melanie Pinedo has graduated from the university with her Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies. What sets Melanie apart from the other graduates in the class of 2023 is that she achieved this degree while still in high school.

Melanie was introduced to HCU by her mother, who attended a ladies’ retreat for homeschooling mothers. After learning about HCU, Melanie was interested and applied soon after. As a dual enrollment student, Melanie found her classes at HCU to be incredibly helpful during her high school years. She feels that her experiences at HCU have prepared her well for college life and strengthened her Christian walk, particularly through the Bible classes.

“I enjoyed being part of a Bible-centered education that HCU provides,” says Pinedo. “The faculty and staff are all amazing and have been so kind and helpful in my years at HCU. I would recommend the program to any other high school student out there who wants to be involved with a Christ-centered university.”

In a couple of weeks, Melanie will graduate from high school. However, this is only the beginning of her academic journey. She plans to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree on campus at HCU in the fall. Melanie wants other high schoolers to know they should not hesitate to sign up for the dual enrollment program at HCU. 

HCU is committed to providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible education. We are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of Melanie and look forward to seeing how she will continue to grow and learn throughout her academic journey.

For more information about the dual enrollment program at Heritage Christian University, please visit our website at www.hcu.edu or contact our Admissions team at 256-766-6610 or admissions@hcu.edu.

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