For the serious student, Heritage Christian offers a 128-hour program leading to a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies. The program provides four divisions of study:

  • Biblical and Theological Studies
  • General Education
  • Professional Studies
  • Minor and Electives

These divisions give you a balanced education and helps equip you for ministry.

All students major in biblical studies. What that means for you is that other students in your classes are focused on the same things that you are. That type of singular focus allows for lively discussions and the formation of lifelong friendships.

The one theme that is common to all four divisions of study is Biblical studies – it’s everyone’s major. It helps focus all of the students at Heritage Christian University on the same things, and in addition to providing a bedrock for your education, it also allows for lively discussions and the formation of lifelong friendships. Because we are focused on Real World Ministry, all classes include an emphasis on the practical application of classroom learning.  In addition to equipping you with the latest theories and information about the class, faculty members offer assignments and projects that allow you to apply what you are learning to real world situations. When you complete a degree from HCU, you will not just have an academic degree — you will also have many hours of real world ministry under your belt!

Class time and research will help you have a doctrinal, historical, and systematic perspective of Christianity and its worldwide mission. The hours you spend in the field will enable you to communicate effectively, grow in sensitivity to the world’s needs, and connect your scholarly excellence with spiritual growth. It’s a balanced approach to help you “go unto all the world.”