Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Program offers the same degrees as the campus program.

The same policies apply to Distance Learning students that apply to those on–campus regarding admissions, academics, graduation, and coursework. They are graded on the same basis as traditional students.

Most courses are digitally recorded. In addition to the instructor’s class presentation, supplemental materials such as slideshows and notes are also provided. Supplemental materials, tests, and grades are all available through the course management system.

While the bulk of graduate classes can be taken via distance learning, students seeking a master’s degree should plan to be on campus at least two times: Introduction to Graduate Studies week and to attend graduation exercises. For more information, students should contact the Director of the Graduate Program.

Autumn Richardson
Director of Distance Learning
Ext. 313

Connection Requirements

Minimum system requirements

You will be sent a welcome email containing a link to create a username and password in Populi, our course management system.

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