Michael Jackson

Michael D. Jackson, Ed.D.

Vice President of Academic Affairs / Academic Dean

Associate Professor of Education and New Testament


Nathan B. Daily, Ph.D. (cand.)

Assistant Dean / Registrar

Associate Professor of Religion

Travis Harmon

Director of Student Services

Instructor of Ministry


Philip Goad

Vice President of Advancement

Briana Butler

Donor Services Supervisor

Barbara Dillon

Donor Services Clerk

Robin Dunaway

Advancement and Enrollment Representative

Business Office

Pat Moon

Vice President for Administration

Dianne Tays

Business Office Clerk

Distance Learning


Mechelle Thompson

Counselor and Financial Aid Administrator

Rebecca Harrison

Administrative Assistant for Enrollment Services

Field Education

Institutional Effectiveness

Monte Tatom

Director of Institutional and Church Research


Wayne Birdyshaw

Director of Maintenance

Cheryl Birdyshaw

Maintenance Assistant

Marketing and Events

Brittany McGuire

Director of Marketing and Events

Katelan Creasy

Marketing and Events Assistant

Janet Moon

Hospitality and Special Events

Courtney Patterson

Food Services Supervisor


Justin Connolly

Web Communications and Technology Manager