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  • That All May Go Well: Why Christians Prosper, Why They Don’t, and Why It Doesn’t Matter by Coy D. Roper

  • Fighting the Good Fight: A Festschrift for Bill Bagents (PRE-ORDER Release Date 8-23-22)

  • Majesty and Mercy: God Through the Eyes of Isaiah (2022 Berean Study Series) by HCU Faculty and Staff

  • Serving the Lord: A Festschrift for Freddie Patrick Moon and Janet Stewart Moon

  • Things Most Surely Believed: Festschrift for C. Wayne Kilpatrick

  • Lead Like the Lord by W. Kirk Brothers

  • Redrawing the Blueprints for the Early Church by John Young

  • The Sermon on the Mount by Dr. Ed Gallagher

  • The Book of Exodus: Explorations in Christian Theology by Dr. Ed Gallagher

  • Beyond Borders with Saint Luke by Dr. Frederick W. Danker

  • Imperative: Studies for the Book of James by Ismael Berlanga (Pre-order: Release Date December 13th)

  • The Magnitude of God: Exploring the Divine by Brian Poe (Pre-order: Release Date December 6th)