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Most ministry graduates are burdened with thousands in debt. We offer affordable and effective degrees in biblical studies so our graduates can thrive in their ministries.

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Graduate with little to no debt. Based on the 2017 and 2018 classes, 74% achieved their degree without the aid of student loans.


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With a 6:1 student-teacher ratio, members of the HCU faculty are more than teachers, they are mentors in your ministry. Classes are available on campus or online.

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Located in Florence, Alabama, HCU is surrounded by more than 105 congregations within a 75-mile radius.

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We understand that debt leaves you feeling stressed which is why we offer scholarships covering up to 100% of tuition for qualified students.

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Frank SchipaniMaster of Divinity Student

I am a current Master of Divinity student and I earned my Master of Ministry from HCU in 2018. As someone who has a full-time job and cannot relocate, HCU's distance learning allows me to complete my degree without having to move. I have found the classes to be practical and challenging and the instructors to be knowledgeable and very helpful. I am already using what I've learned at HCU in ministry work. I've taken distance learning courses at much larger universities and have found HCU's to be the best I've experienced. I love the combination of a small, close-knit Christian school that incorporates first-class technology into its distance learning program.

Maddie DillBachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies Student

Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, so I can write children's bible class materials and curriculum for the church. I chose Heritage for my education because I knew the school, as a community, would support me not only through my academic career but also when the hardships of life come. I believe HCU is a community of believers with one main goal in mind: to support fellow believers in ministry, through furthering God's Kingdom. The community here gives me hope for the future of the Lord's church.

Johnny McCaghrenMaster of Divinity Alumnus

At 60 years old, and having served in ministry for several years, I was in a somewhat different category than the average HCU student. I love to continue learning, and that is the reason I came to HCU. One area that I knew I was lacking was in my study of the original biblical languages. Though I was somewhat afraid of the subject, I found the three semesters of Greek very beneficial to my study and ministry. Of course, all the classes were helpful and very practical. I appreciated HCU’s dedication to sound biblical teaching and to keeping the cost affordable.

Ismael BerlangaMaster of Divinity Alumnus

The credentials that I received from HCU, including the accreditation, set me apart in this incredibly competitive group. From the letters of recommendation to the formatting and information on the transcripts, every curveball the Army threw, HCU was flexible and speedy in their response. I am blessed beyond measure and am ready to take on this good work.

Taylor PooleBachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies Student

HCU has impacted my life because of the instant relationships I have made. It’s also impacting my ministry as I strive to apply everything I've learned and be the best youth minister possible. I chose HCU because of what they offer here. It’s real-world ministry, and it’s practical. The relationships here are more than just me being another student number. They know me personally, and I know them personally, and I believe that is important in an academic environment: being real and open to everyone here.

Parker WillisBachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies Student

Heritage became home, a place where I was excited about learning how to better do ministry. It is a place where I felt challenged, where I learned, and where I was given so many opportunities to grow. I had several opportunities to preach in local churches and had been given sometimes difficult, but always helpful, feedback. I'm thankful that I was able to do more than just sit in a classroom. I was able to practice ministry, get involved, and learned a little more about what it takes to do ministry day in and day out.

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