The Lost Phase of College Preparedness

The Lost Phase of College Preparedness Blog

Written by Benjamin Siegel

In today’s society, education is one of the most important elements of a child, teenager, or young adult’s life. A high school education is the bare minimum of expected education for job-seeking adults. Deciding which college to attend is a decision of utmost importance to the high-school senior. High school students spend countless hours preparing for the ACT exam in order to qualify for the highest paying scholarships at the most well renowned universities. Amidst all of the excitement, the young Christian that is currently experiencing this stage of life, must consider the bold statement of truth: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Pet 5:8 NKJV).

The idea of “the college life” has negatively influenced young adults across the nation. Sex, alcohol, parties, gambling, and the pressure of acceptance has destroyed the lives of many young people, and sadly, many Christians. If the proceeding elements have not permanently impacted a young Christian’s life, there is an equal chance that they have destroyed the influence that he or she might have had on others. Apart from the most obvious temptations and influences towards college students, lies an equally lethal intent of the devil. Through various devices, the devil will have ample opportunity to weaken the faith of a young Christian.

University professors will impact the lives of college students in some form or fashion. The impact may be positive, negative, or both. College students encounter teachers professing atheism, agnosticism, feminism, homosexuality, and many other troubling expressions of thought. Knowing the circumstances that lie ahead, Christians must be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared to meet the adversity. Parents of high school students devote much time and effort to ensure their son or daughter is prepared for college. Parents assist their children in searching for scholarship opportunities, touring college campuses, and planning their academic curriculum. A parent may think of their child’s first day of college as a milestone, a mark of success in rearing their child. Parents could treasure that moment only if they could say to their son or daughter something that resembles what Paul told Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:15, which states, “…from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”

Timothy had attained a state of spiritual preparedness, not only because of his instruction from Paul (2 Tim 3:10), but also his spiritual training during childhood (2 Tim 3:15) and Christian family influence (2 Tim 1:5). Indeed, parents should ensure their son or daughter is academically prepared for college, but above all, they should ensure the adolescent is spiritually prepared.

The devil may attack a young Christian’s faith through a professor, organization, or even a “friend.” College age Christians must be grounded in the faith in order to remain firm through adversity. Social norms, peer pressure, or relationships could trigger a weak Christian to depart from sound biblical principles. Parents play a vital role in combating this particular scheme of the devil. Wayne Jackson offered this concluding thought on the subject: “Many parents believe that peer-pressure is the greatest influence upon their youngsters, but studies dispute this. Though peer pressure is doubtless significant to a degree, actually, it is the parents’ influence that is most significant; in terms of what they do, and what they don’t do.”[1]



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