What Real Christianity Looks Like: A Study of the Parables (Berean Study Series) (Volume 2)

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The issue of what real Christianity looks like presses on believers from multiple sides. If we are going to maintain this historic faith, what does that faith look like in a changing world, and what will it look like a decade from now, or a century? Is the religion that is spreading around the globe now, the same as what Jesus preached? However difficult the parables of Jesus are to understand, they are much more difficult to put into practice. Lessons about mercy and compassion, or responsibility and preparation, or joy and hope, or inclusion and generosity, have resounded in church auditoriums every week from time immemorial, and yet these very character traits prove to be perpetually elusive for many. If the West has rejected Christianity, one may still wonder whether they have really rejected mercy, preparation, hope, inclusion, or whether these are not the values they associate with Christianity. If no, the church has work to do. If we persistently seek the meanings of the parables of Christ, we have assurance that we will find. Join the faculty and staff of Heritage Christian University as we seek and find What Real Christianity Looks Like according to great stories told by Jesus himself. To purchase this book, please visit Amazon.


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Robert Darby

The following books are written by an alumnus but are not for sell directly by HCU. These can be purchased on Amazon or directly from Robert Darby.

A Reason To Rejoice

Delighting God

Outside My Window









"A Reason to Rejoice" -  This book is filled with Biblical insights for the child of God. It will encourage, inform and enlighten you on the importance and the possibility of being filled with joy every day of your life. To rejoice is to look to Him from whence all blessings flow. It is to allow the presence of God into our heart, that His presence in you may cause you to rejoice.

"Delighting God" -  A child of faith will find delight in worship and working for God. That delight comes from a relationship with God's word that places us in His will, and allows us to walk in His way. A child of faith will also seek to be pleasing in the sight of God. Children of faith seek to delight their God. This book is filled with Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs to encourage our faith. It adds ideas to enlighten and entertain us as we seek to delight God.

"Outside My Window" - This is a selection of spiritual poems and songs written by the author. They are filled with positive thoughts to transform and transfer the saint into love and good works through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Dr. Justin Imel, Sr.

The following books are written by an alumnus but are not for sell directly by HCU. These can be purchased on Amazon.

On Momma's Knee

Messages from the Manger

Selected Sermons Volume 1

Accompanied by the Instruments of David

Thinking About John
















"On Momma's Knee: Lessons in Honor of Momma" - God commanded his people to honor their mothers in the Old Law. Jesus honored his parents, and he taught us to do the same. On Momma’s Knee by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. explores the biblical view of motherhood and urges us all to honor our mothers.

"Messages from the Manger: Lessons for Christmas" - The miracle of Advent – the Incarnation of the Son of God – calls for awe all year long. Whether the Son’s leaving glory for a sinful world or the Slaughter of the Innocents or the flight to Egypt or Jesus’ presentation at the Temple, God’s work for man’s redemption can be clearly seen in the events around the birth of His Son. In Messages from the Manger, Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., presents a series of lessons exploring the wonder of God’s redemptive act in Bethlehem.

"Selected Sermons: Volume 1 (Practical & Preachable Sermons)" - As a preacher, you know that Sunday comes every week. As soon as you finish preaching one sermon, you need to begin preparing for the next. What if you had a resource -- not to remove your own study for laziness -- to help you prepare for Sunday? The sermons presented here are practical and preachable. They aim to stir your thoughts and help your study as you stand before God's people to present divine truth. The lessons are presented in manuscript form to make them readable as well as practical. The lessons presented here are not only perfect for the preacher preparing his heart and mind for Sunday, but they are very suitable for personal devotion. May these lessons take you closer to God as you seek to honor him!

"Accompanied by the Instruments of David: Examining Excuses for Instrumental Music in Worship" - Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., comes from a family where instrumental music was considered acceptable; therefore, he has heard nearly every argument under the sun to justify its use in worship. In this work, Dr. Imel examines arguments in favor of instrumental music and finds them wanting. Accompanied by the Instruments of David lays out a forceful argument for a cappella singing in worship.

"Thinking about John: A Study Guide to the Gospel of John (Thinking about the Bible) (Volume 1)" - This study guide helps the student delve into the Gospel of John and build a firm faith, a firm faith John envisioned when he wrote his Gospel.