HCU’s 4th President Announcement

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FLORENCE, AL—Dr. W. Kirk Brothers of Henderson, Tennessee, has been selected as Heritage Christian University’s 4th president, the board of directors announced today (December 21). Brothers will begin transitioning into the role during the summer of 2018.

“A mutual love for scripture, scholarship, and stewardship were vital to our decision. The university’s mission is to advance the Church. Brothers’ desire to train missionaries and ministers for the cause of Christ is evident in his enthusiasm for the gospel. We look forward to the bright future of HCU under the leadership of Dr. Brothers,” said Don Posey, chairman of Heritage Christian University’s board of directors.

Brothers spent 23 years in local ministry work before joining Freed-Hardeman University as Associate Professor of Bible in 2010. Each year, he teaches a course at the Bible School of the Americas in Panama and implements Future Minister Training camps for young men throughout Latin America. Thus far, camps have been started in Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic in Central America; and Peru, Colombia, and Brazil in South America. He has also participated in mission efforts in India, Israel, England, and the Ukraine.

Since 1988, Brothers has participated in ministry and leadership training camps at various locations in the United States. He has served as director or co-director at Horizons Leadership Camp at FHU for six years. His passion is training leaders, teachers, preachers, and missionaries for the Lord’s Church.

“I want to leave behind as many leaders for the Lord as I can when I depart this life,” said Brothers. 

It is this passion for leadership training that led Brothers to Heritage. He first taught a graduate course at Heritage in 2005 and has since been on campus for other activities such as the Jenkins Institute’s BETTER conferences and the Overton Memorial Library’s Charles Coil Colloquium. Brothers states,

I am grateful to be part of this great ministry. Heritage plays a unique role in training servant-leaders for the Lord. Her staff and faculty are as credentialed, experienced, and dedicated as any in the brotherhood. Her faculty members are able to train students as liberal-arts scholars who can exegete, interpret, and apply Scripture and serve in various ministry and leadership roles in the Kingdom of God.

Brothers received graduate degrees at Freed-Hardeman University (M.A., 1999), Lipscomb University (M.Div., 2004), and Southern Seminary (Ph.D., 2010). He met his wife, Cindy (Markham), while completing his undergraduate degree. 

Kirk and Cindy have two daughters: Katie and Hannah. Katie audits classes at Freed-Hardeman University and loves British history and Shakespeare. Hannah is double majoring in Art and English at FHU and is planning to graduate in 2019.

In 2018, Heritage Christian University will celebrate its 50th year of educating preachers, missionaries and Bible teachers for real-world ministry. 

HCU exists for the advancement of churches of Christ by equipping servants through undergraduate and graduate programs and continuing education. HCU produces effective communicators, preachers, teachers and missionaries for real-world ministry with a focus on evangelism and a commitment to scripture.

11 thoughts on “HCU’s 4th President Announcement

  1. Congrats, to Kirk! I can’t think of anyone more deserving for such an opportunity. Heritage will be successful with brother Brothers at the helm.

  2. Congratulations. Kirk and Cindy are the finest of Christian leaders. We live and miss them in McMinnville. They will be a blessing to the program there.

  3. Congratulations to Heritage University and Dr. Brothers. Great choice!!!

    I have been praying that the best choice would be made to positively influence the future of the University. I want to commend the Board for their diligence and wise choice.

    May God bless you as you work together to further the cause of our Lord.

  4. Congratulations Kirk. I well remember when you preached your first sermon at the Hill Grove church of Christ in Flaherty Kentucky. What a journey it has been for you. God is good and you have served him well. I pray for your continued work in the Lords vinewari. GO FORTH AND DO GOOD.

  5. I have known Kirk since 1984, worked with him in two of the foreign Future Ministers Camps, and had good conversations with him. He will do well for HCU.

  6. Kirk has been a warrior for Jesus Christ and the church ever since the time he began talking! He will serve Heritage University well and keep the devil up nights with frustration!

    Joe and Dorothy Brothers

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