#4099Application Deadlines

Fall semester: July 21
Spring semester: December 1

*Application deadline extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 800-367-3565 x 301 for more information.

You will need the following when you fill out the application:

  1. Debit or Credit Card to pay the application fee of $35.
  2. Name of all colleges or universities you have attended.
  3. Names of the 3 people you will ask to provide a reference for you along with their address, phone number, and email.
  4. Decide if you plan to take either the MAT or GRE.
  5. Personal Statement — (Must be at least 250 word count) The Personal Statement is more than just a requirement for your HCU application; it is one of the most important parts of the application process. Your personal statement is a chance for you to share why you are a good fit for our Graduate program. Your personal statement provides evidence of your intellectual and creative achievement. This is where you share your personality, your experiences, and your goals. This is where you tell us how the graduate program at Heritage Christian University will contribute to the achievement of those goals. We encourage you to take your time on this assignment. Be reflective. Be open. Be honest. 

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Tuition and Scholarship Information

HCU is committed to provide a high quality education at an affordable price. We understand that applying for college and considering options available to pay for college can be an overwhelming experience. The Office of Enrollment Services and the Office of Financial Aid are available to answer your questions.

Office of Enrollment Services – admissions@hcu.edu
Office of Financial Aid – mthompson@hcu.edu

2019 Fall Semester Charges

  • Tuition $2,241.00*
  • Registration Fees $315.00 ($35.00 per credit hour with max of $315.00)
  • Textbooks/ Supplies $300.00 (estimate)

TOTAL $2,856.00

Additional expenses for boarding students:

  • Room and Board $1,800.00**
  • Housing Fee $300.00***

*Based on full-time enrollment {9 credit hours}
** Single student dorms are $1800.00 per semester, 2019-2020 meal plan is free and provides breakfast and lunch three days a week during the fall and spring semesters only.
***The housing fee is the one-time dorm reservation fee and a dorm maintenance fee ($150 each) for resident students only. The university retains the maintenance fee and the reservation fee is refunded within 10 days after written request by the student at the end of the contract period (withdrawal from school, move out, or graduation).

HCU Scholarship Application

HCU is pleased to offer a variety of in-house scholarships to qualifying applicants. It is recommended that all applicants complete the Scholarship Application Form (see below) each semester for consideration. The HCU Scholarship Committee meets in early July for fall semester scholarship awarding and mid December for spring semester scholarship awarding. Applicants must submit the scholarship application by the following deadlines: Fall semester deadline is June 15 and Spring semester deadline is November 8.

Official Transcript Submission

Applicants must arrange to have an official academic transcripts sent to HCU. This includes all official transcripts from schools and colleges attended, regardless of the length of attendance or whether the applicant believes the credit is transferable. Applicants may use the HCU Transcript Request Form (see below) to request official transcripts.

Letter of Recommendation

The applicant must submit 3 Letters of Recommendation. From within the application for admission, the applicant will email a Letter of Recommendation form to their 3 recommenders. A personal recommender can be any adult, not related to the applicant by blood or marriage, who has known the applicant for three or more years. HCU prefers that your recommenders include a minister, church elder or leader, a school official, or a business person. Recommendations from relatives will not be accepted.

Background Check

All applicants seeking admission to Heritage Christian University will be required to authorize HCU and its agents/representatives to obtain a comprehensive review of their background. HCU will not complete the application review for acceptance until the background check information is received and deemed acceptable.

Forms and Documents