Understanding Your Financial Aid Handbook

The Office of Financial Aid is pleased to provide our students with an online financial aid handbook. The handbook is designed to provide important information regarding financial aid terms, eligibility, policies and procedures, and information about a student’s rights and responsibilities as a federal loan borrower. All students are encouraged to read the contents of the handbook carefully. It serves as a student guide to information about the financial aid programs and policies at Heritage Christian University. This handbook is one of the many channels of communication the Office of Financial Aid maintains to generate an effective financial aid support system for students.

Please click here to access the Heritage Christian University “Understanding Your Financial Aid Handbook”.

Should you need further explanation of the items covered in this handbook, please contact mthompson@hcu.edu.

In addition to our new online financial education support resources, the HCU Office of Financial Aid now has the following fact sheets,brochures, book-markers, folders, and magnets for your convenience:

  • Federal Student Loan Basics (Booklet)
  • Federal Student Loans:  Be a Responsible Borrower
  • How Financial Aid Applicants can avoid Fraud and Identity Theft (Brochure)
  • Help for Defaulted Borrowers – You Have Options (Booklet)
  • Do You Need Money for College? (Booklet)
  • Student Loan Repayment – Four Steps to Take Now (Brochure)
  • Deferment and Forbearance – Do You Need Student Loan Payment Relief? (Brochure)
  • Resolve Your Default – Restore Your Good Credit (Brochure)
  • Know What You Owe – National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) (Magnet)
  • Federal Student Aid for Adult Students
  • FAFSA Tips – How to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (Brochure)
  • Direct Loan Basics for Students (Brochure)
  • Direct PLUS Loan Basics for Parents (Brochure)
  • FAFSA Information and Tips (Brochure)
  • Federal Student Aid (FSA) Repaying Your Student Loans (Booklet)
  • Budget/ Budget Planning (Worksheet)
  • Managing Your Money/ Strategies to Save Money (Worksheet)

It is the goal of the Office of Financial Aid to add new materials at least once a month. Feel free to stop by the office to pick up a few selections, or email mthompson@hcu.edu with your request and it will be mailed to you.