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No matter what group you belong to, whether you are a senior in high school, freshman in college, planning for a family or retiring, financial literacy can help you achieve your goals. Financial literacy resources provide the necessary tools to develop and enhance those skills that you will need all your life to make wise financial decisions.

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is having the ability to understand and intelligently discuss topics related to personal and educational finances. It means having the knowledge that enables one to make informed and effective decisions through the understanding of finances.

HCU strongly believes in the concept of Financial Literacy.

We believe financial literacy provides a support system that will help our students to develop practical money management skills while in college. We believe that it is an essential part of planning and paying for a college education. That is why the Office of Financial Aid is committed to providing a wide assortment of financial aid education resources for our students; resources that will help them become financially literate.

Financial Literacy covers many topics: budgeting, use of credit cards, insurance, tips on money management, and much more. A thorough understanding of each of these elements helps to improve college financial aid literacy. In addition, a thorough understanding may even offset hard financial situations in the future due to difficulties repaying accumulated college debt.

HCU is serious about equipping our students with essential financial literacy tools because chances are while they are in college, managing money is going to be their responsibility alone. We understand how important it is for our students to have the knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively while in college and for a lifetime of financial well-being.

Cash Course Financial Education Program

Heritage Christian University with help from Cash Course, an online resource from the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is taking a proactive approach to improving our students’ financial well-being. We recently joined the more than 550 colleges and universities across the U.S. that are using Cash Course, a free, unbiased and noncommercial financial education solution for students and recent graduates. Cash Course provides financial resources for students and alumni who want to develop smart money management skills. Topics include protecting your credit, preventing identity theft, sources of financial aid, and understanding insurance and taxes. Take quizzes testing your financial knowledge, use financial calculators, and learn financial basics from one of many sources.

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Financial Resources

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