Daniel Freeman

Pulpit Minister
2216 58th Street, Lubbock, TX 79412
Posted on
Feb 27, 2017

My name is Daniel Freeman and it’s my interest to find a congregation doctrinal and sound in faith and practice. I love the Lord’s church and will always fervently from the heart to be the best preacher I can be wherever I have the privilege to serve. I am very fervent to practice evangelism and teach others to do so as well. I would prefer to work under the oversight of qualified elders but that isn’t the only way I would need to be employed. I would certainly want the men in leadership without elders to be spiritually mature and are diligent to follow the whole counsel of God. If you are seeking a doctrinally sound preacher who loves the Lord and the church please consider me in your search. I will provide you if contacted with a resume, references and CD of recent sermons. I would love to come and teach and preach for the congregation if so desired.
In His Love, Daniel Freeman

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Would prefer, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi. I do not restrict myself. Any state is in my consideration.

I have two degrees in the Bible from Lubbock Christian University. I have a BA in Bible and also a Master’s degree in Bible and Ministry.

Work Experience:
I have 18 years’ experience preaching and teaching. teaching I have preached at congregations in Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma, Colorado and Texas. I also have been involved with missionary works out of the United States.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married to a wonderful supportive Christian wife.

Email: daniel.freeman1@live.com

Phone: 8067772905

Virgil H Hammontree

Pulpit Minister
320 South Water Street
Posted on
Feb 27, 2017

Mark 1.14-15 and Ephesians 4.11-13 are the foundations of my ministry. The Gospel is God’s story of redemption in Jesus Christ continually breaking in though the preaching and living of the Gospel. As a minister, my task is to show how the Gospel connects to life and equip others for works of service for the building up of the body of Christ. Practically speaking, investing my time in the lives of seekers and focusing on the maturity of believers is often a challenging tension in my life. I have good energy, am in good health and have a passion for redemptive relationships.
I enjoy creative activities and helping others to tap into their creativity. It is necessary to persuade and motivate people to understand the people we are trying to reach.
I enjoy working effectively with people and helping them to find their own talents and gifts.

My philosophy of ministry is rooted in the following values:
• Enthusiasm for the Gospel and connecting with people.
• Preaching and teaching God’s Word with clarity and hope.
• Helping others discover and use their gifts to the glory of God
• Seeking to understand culture and how to connect with others.
• Patiently working with others in a spirit of humility and kindness
• God’s grace is sufficient and filled with hope in every circumstance.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Driving distance to Nashville, TN


Bachelor of Arts: Theology & Philosophy
Trevecca Nazarene University - Nashville, TN, USA


Associate of Arts: Biblical Studies
Whites Ferry Road School of Biblical Studies - West Monroe, LA, USA


Master of Arts: Theology
Theological University of America - Germantown, TN, USA
New Testament


Theological University of America - Germantown, TN, USA
Doctor of Ministry

Work Experience:
08/1986 to 08/1989

Pulpit Minister
Buhl church of Christ - Buhl, ID
I was responsible for teaching classes, forming curriculum for Sunday School and leading evangelism.

08/1989 to 08/1991

Pulpit Minister
North Marin church of Christ - Novato, CA
I was responsible for teaching and preaching. I was also charged with looking into the community for opportunities for evangelism.

08/1989 to 05/1996

Pulpit Minister
Linder Road church of Christ - Meridian, ID
I was responsible for teaching classes, forming curriculum for Sunday School and leading evangelism. We began with 20 members and grew to 200 members. I led an early morning Men's Prayer and Study group. Our membership was scattered over a wide area and faced many challenges due to poor teaching in the past.

05/1996 to 05/2004

Cardinal Drive church of Christ - Rolling Meadows, IL
I was responsible for teaching classes and leading evangelism. We began a small group ministry to maximize our effectiveness. The congregation was spread over wide geographical area so we had to become flexible in our methodology. I taught classes at the building on Sunday and Wednesday. I also taught two small group studies. One was on Sunday evenings in homes. The other group was Thursday nights in various homes. This group was younger (20-35 years old). Both groups had many questions about Scripture and Christian practice. It was a wonderful challenge.

05/2005 to Current

Central church of Christ - Henderson, KY
We moved to Henderson in late May, 2005. I was responsible for teaching classes, producing a newsletter and leading evangelism and visitation. I taught classes at the building on Sunday and Wednesday. The church had a very questionable reputation in the community because of conflicts in the past. We agreed it was necessary to put a better face toward the community. I was allowed to work with the
local Ministerial Alliance. I became a Court Appointed Special Advocate to work with families and children in the judicial system. The church had many questions about Scripture and Christian practice due to unclear and inadequate teaching and preaching in the past. We began in a storefront downtown and finally built a new multi-purpose building that conforms to our needs.

Marital Status/ Family:

Email: ichthus007@gmail.com

Phone: 2708310757

Kirk Talley

Pulpit Minister
122 Palo Duro Cove
Kyle, TX 78640
Posted on
Feb 22, 2017

After serving 4 years in the USAF I was accepted into the Memphis School of Preaching where I graduated in July of 2002. Proceeded by 2 more years of undergraduate study at Southern Christian University in Montgomery, AL where I received my BA in Biblical Studies.

I've preached for over 15 years with 13 years of fulltime pulpit preaching. I have experience in mission work to include state-side church planting as well as Ghana, West Africa and Manila, Philippines.

I stepped away from preaching in 2009 do to my wife (ex) making the decision she did not want to be married to me any longer. After 8 months of counseling we finalized our divorce. I remarried 1 1/2 years later to Jolyne who, after 1 year of marriage, was added to the Lord's church and continues to serve God faithfully.

My eldest daughter is a faithful Christian, in college at Blinn University in Texas. My 15 year son is a faithful Christian. My 10 and 8 year old son and daughter are inquisitive children who, Lord willing, will follow their examples.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Texas, Austin/San Antonio and surrounding areas

Diploma from Memphis School of Preaching, 2002

B.A. in Biblical Studies, Southern Christian University, 2005

Work Experience:
Preaching experience:
Adel CoC March 1998 - April 2000 - Youth minister serving over 30 youth

Tiplersville CoC June 2001 - August 2002 - They hired me full-time for my last year at MSOP. I left to take on a more challenging opportunity to gain exposure to overseas mission work.

Glendale CoC August 2002 - December 2004 - Pulpit preacher, 2 Bible classes, bulletin editor, in home Bible studies, 1 trip to Ghana, West Africa, 1 trip to Manila, Philippines

Livingston CoC December 2004 - June 2008 - Pulpit preacher, 2 Bible classes, 2 30-minute weekly radio programs, 3 trips to Ghana, West Africa, One 2 minute weekly TV commercial

Southwest CoC June 2008 - December 2009 - Pulpit preacher, 1 Bible class, editor/writer of The Christian Worker (12 pages), editor/writer of The Southwesterner (4 pages)

Averaged speaking on 3 lectureships per year, have held over 15 Gospel meetings, proficient in PPT, seasoned/trained song leader and very diligent in study

Marital Status/ Family:
Married Jolyne Talley, July 10, 2011

4 children: Caroline, Jacob, Ethan and Alexa

Email: ktalley75@gmail.com

Phone: 512-364-7244

Vance S Davis

Pulpit Minister
401 W. Birch St.
Crosbyton, TX 79322
Posted on
Feb 5, 2017

Greetings Brethren
My name is Vance S. Davis,

I have preached faithfully for 34 years and am looking for a congregation that loves Jesus and His Word; that wants enthusiasm, leadership, sound Biblical teaching and preaching, love, personableness, office management abilities, computer literacy and sermons that edify, encourage and empower the people of God.

I am a highly motivated, high-energy gospel preacher of 34 years and US Army veteran with 17 years military service, who is seeking a congregation that wants to grow instead of the status quo. If it's leadership, motivation, counsel, guidance and teaching, then I may be the man to fill the pulpit where you are. If you're open for evangelism, leadership and Biblical training, these are my strong points.

My ministry is that of the Word. To reprove (bring to the light) rebuke (to admonish because of the light) and exhort (to point the way the light is going); to teach with all long suffering, and to constantly be about the building up of the body of Christ; to assist the shepherds of the flock in the feeding and equipping of the saints; to advise and admonish and counsel with the leaders and the church for the benefit of the body; in other words, A SERVANT FOR CHIRST for the building up of the local body of Christ with a world view for Christ.

Evangelism is one of my strongest points, having been a full-time instructor of the Fishers of Men Evangelism Training course for over 5 years. I have personally taught/trained over 1,000 Christians to carry the message of Christ to this lost and dying world, and believe I would be an asset to the brethren where you are.

I believe it is the work of the elders and evangelist to equip the saints for the works of service to which they have been called by the Lord. And, as we already know, we were called to "go make disciples of all nations" and to "baptize them into the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The problem is, not many, if any are going! I don't believe, until we have adequately trained the church, that the church is up to this task.

May the Lord bless you in your search for the man of God that He has for you.

His servant and yours
Vance Davis

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, N/S Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama


1962- 1965 - Ft. Campbell High School - Ft. Campbell, Ky - Diploma

1966 - 1984 - U.S. ARMY – 3 years in Viet Nam, 9 years in Korea. Completed several Military Leadership courses over the next 17½ years including Command Sergeant Major Course, Hospital Administrator’s Course, NCO Academy (Instructor), LPN School Denver, and RN Training. (N.C. Institute Of Nursing with BS in Nursing Sciences 1980. Amassed 141 semester hours of college while on Active Duty.

1972 - 1973 - LPN School Fitzsimons Army Medical Center - Denver,
CO - Licensed Practical Nursing School Clinical
Specialist - 91C4P

1979 - 1980 - Eighth Army NCO Adademy Instructor - Camp Jackson,
S. Korea Eighth United States Army
Training NCO Candidates To Be Effective Leaders In
The US Army

1981 - 1982 - Command Sergeans Major Academy

1982 - 1983 - Hospital Administrator’s Course, Army Medical
Department Ft. Sam Houston TX
Training required for Sr. AMED NCO to facilitate Army
Field Hospital Administration.

1984 - 1986 - Ministerial Student - Sunset School of Preaching - BA
Degree in Biblical Ministry

Work Experience:
2015 – 2017 Crosbyton Church of Christ, Crosbyton, TX
Pulpit Minister

2011 – 2015 Boynton Beach Church of Christ BB, FL
Pulpit Minister

2007 - 2011 Suncoast Church of Christ Lake Worth, FL
Pulpit Minister

2004-2006 Plaza Church of Christ Sumter, SC
Interim - Pulpit Minister

1998-2004 - Fisher’s of Men U.S.A.
Full-Time Instructor Under Oversight of Plaza church of
Christ - Lived in Motor home for 5 ½ years – over 4000,00
miles. Taught Fishers of Men training to 31 congregations
(see list at end of resume), over 1,000 students taught
evangelism - In excess of 1000 souls saved during classes
taught-many more afterwards

1995-1998 Plaza Church of Christ Sumter, SC
Pulpit Minister

1991-1995 Emma Church of Christ Ralls, TX
Pulpit Minister

1988-1991 Sundown Church of Christ Sundown, TX
Pulpit Minister
1966-1984 U.S. ARMY – 3 years in Viet Nam, 9 years in Korea.
Completed several Military Leadership courses over the
next 17½ years including Command Sergeant Major
Course, Hospital Administrator’s Course, NCO Academy
(Instructor), LPN School Denver, and RN Training. (N.C.
Institute Of Nursing with BS in Nursing Sciences 1980.
Amassed 141 semester hours of college while on Active

Marital Status/ Family:
Married - Gina Davis

Email: vdavis312007@yahoo.com

Phone: 806-363-0148

Greg Swindle

Associate Minister
207 Oakview Street
Posted on
Dec 26, 2016

Personal Information:
Name: Gregory Clifford Swindle
Date of Birth: November 20, 1962 (54)
Married: Mary Robison Swindle, June 30, 1983
Children: Mindy Marie Swindle, Olivia Claire Swindle
Christian since: 1975

Philosophy of Ministry: Every soul has a purpose given to them by God and over the course of their life, when submitted to God’s will, God prepares them to perform the mission for which they were born. A truly successful life is one lived according to the will of God and lived to its fullest.

Current Ministry: Administrative Director - is charged with the execution of the CLD Policy and Program and implementation of the Curriculum and management of the CLD Students. The Christian Leadership Development (CLD) program gives selected young Christians in Zambia the opportunity to use the year after graduation from high school to prepare for further education. By design, the combination of academics and spiritual formation will position the student for future success in whatever walk of life they pursue as a Christian leader in Zambia. “The Christian Leadership Development program is a bridge program designed explicitly for those who have completed secondary school and wish to pursue post-secondary education and/or establish themselves in a trade, which will allow them to become community leaders and church planters.”

Ministry Experience:
Current - 2012: Zambia, Africa - Program Director, Christian Leadership Development Department, George Benson Christian College, Namwianga Mission (2013) - Missionary to Zambia.
2012 - 2005: Florence, Alabama, Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Involvement Minister and Education Minister.
2005 - 2000: Panama City Beach, Florida, Emerald Beach Church of Christ, Minister.
2000 - 1997: Panama City, Florida, Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Youth Minister.
1997 - 1994: Martin, Tennessee, Martin Church of Christ, Youth Minister and Education Minister.
1994 - 1989: Sherman, Mississippi, Sherman Church of Christ, Minister.
1989 - 1986: Durant, Mississippi, Durant Church of Christ, Minister.
1986 - 1985: Kosciusko, Mississippi, Nile Church of Christ, Minister.

Education Experience:
Bachelors of Arts - Christian Communications.
Masters of Ministry - Christian Counseling, Christian Education
U.S. Army Chaplain Branch - Chaplain Candidate.

Military Experience: Retired, United States Army, Army National Guard.

Specialized Ministry Experience:
Chaplain - U.S. Army, Law Enforcement, Hospital (Hospice), Funeral.
Director - Christian Leadership Development Department.
Facilitator - Marriage Enrichment - His Needs- Her Needs.

Dr. Richard Prather - Stateside Superintendent of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. Namwianga Mission, Zambia, Africa +1 (580) 938-2229 or (580) 374-2344, Email address: prathers@pldi.net
Dr. Klay Bartee, Board Chairman of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. and Teacher at Harding University, Searcy, AR (325)-280-9757 kbartee@harding.edu
Dr. Ken Hobby- Board Member of Zambia Mission Fund - U.S.A. and Teacher at Harding University, Searcy, AR, and Email address: khobby@harding.edu
Dr. Rosemary Snodgrass* - Teacher at Heritage Christian University, Florence, AL; Email address: rsnodgrass@hcu.edu, +1 (256) 810-1670
Jack Reece - Minister of the Gospel, Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Panama City, Florida +1 (850) 763-5661, Email address: jbellreece@aol.com
Thomas Simubali - Coworker in Zambia - + 260 964 82 7200, Email address: tsimubali@gmail.com
Don Snodgrass* - Elder of Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Florence, AL 35630, Email address: snod@aol.com, Cell phone: +1 (256) 627-7602
Jonathan Snell - Elder of Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Florence, AL 35630, Email address: jsnell2256@gmail.com
Steve Cummings - Minister of the Gospel, +1 (615) 516-1364, steve@tusculum.org
Todd Thompson - Deacon for Jenks Avenue Church of Christ, Panama City, Florida. Email address: Todd.Thompson@RaymondJames.com
Joseph Exum - Missions Deacon for the Martin Church of Christ, Martin, TN; Email address: joerexum@frontier.com, +1 (731) 587-9891


Contact information and Home Address in the United States:

Parents: Paul and Sarah Swindle
207 Oakview Street, Florence AL 35633 +1 (256) 718 - 1669
In Zambia: +260962841492 or +260972817167

Email: greg_swindle2000@yahoo.com

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
In the United States


Work Experience:
See "Description". Thank you and God Bless.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married - Mary R. Swindle 1983
two adult daughters, two grand-children

Email: greg_swindle2000@yahoo.com

Phone: 2564123450

Stephen Higley

Pulpit Minister
120 Long Blvd.
Quitman, MS 39355
Posted on
Nov 29, 2016

Experience as a Full-time Missionary (2 Years, New Zealand), 7 years of Full-time preaching experience in Atlanta, GA (area), New Zealand, Meridian, MS (area).

Video Sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTH3RQ_jf1E

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
United States of America

Memphis School of Preaching (2010)
Bear Valley Bible Institute (M.A. Biblical Studies 2016-Present)

Work Experience:
Available upon request.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married for 4 years. Child in heaven.

Email: stephen_higley@yahoo.com

Phone: 601-616-8991

Steve Williams

Pulpit Minister
113 Shadybrook Dr.
Florence, AL 35630
Posted on
Nov 29, 2016

Working with a congregation in local work has always been a joy for me and my wife. Every church with which we have worked meant years of associating with wonderful people and the most pleasant experiences. The congregations with which I have worked have grown, several having engaged in building programs. The focus of my ministry has always been on service and outreach. My preaching centers on Christ, the gospel, and helping people grow spiritually. A resume with references is available upon request. I am not looking for full-time employment. I am wanting to help a congregation to grow and to serve God and the community, which hopefully I can do with over twenty years experience in training ministers as a college professor and over thirty years experience as a minister of congregations large and small.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
In Florence, Alabama, or very close by.

DMin in Family Therapy from Amridge University (formerlry Southern Christian University) 2014;
PhD in Religion from Baylor University 1987;
MTh in Religion from Harding Graduate School of Religion 1976;
BS in Chemistry from Harding University 1972.

Work Experience:
Professor at Amridge University from 2000 to the present; instructor at International Bible College (1990-1993); pulpit minister at Churches of Christ in Houston, Texas (2005-2007); Gainesville, Florida (1994-2005); Levelland, Texas (1987-1990); Waco, Texas (1979-1987); and several other congregations.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married to my wife Dail for 44 years. My wife's mother lives with us. We have two married daughters and two grandchildren. One daughter lives in Canada. The other lives in Florence.

Email: joelstephenwilliams@comcast.net

Phone: 256-718-7208

Lonel "Lonnie" Braswell, M. Div

Pulpit Minister
781 Oak View Circle
Killen, Alabama 35645
Posted on
Nov 16, 2016

I am a minister driven by love and service. I have several strengths that are advantageous to my work. I relate well to people usually very quickly. I tend to be calm in chaotic circumstances, and thus find it easier to help others when some might struggle. I am a dedicated father and husband. My family is just under God in terms of respect and focus. I find new challenges a good thing. I enjoy meeting new people. I particularly find Bible study to be uplifting and strengthening. I also enjoy sharing this with new people.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Wherever God's people want to hear the Word. I have preached in the Midwest and southeast, but have no specific region that I prefer.

Amridge University (Formerly Southern Christian University)
Master of Divinity in Church Leadership
Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Freed-Hardeman University
(1998 -2000)
Continued Studies in Bible / Marriage and Family Therapy

Heritage Christian University
Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Work Experience:
From July 2011 – present I have been the Home and Family Life Minster at the Killen Church of Christ. I am primarily responsible to teach, preach intermittently, study, counsel and answer the crisis responses of the Killen Church. In so doing I have made many strong relationships.

From July 2005-2011 I was the Minister for the Allen Park Church of Christ in Allen Park, Michigan. My work there was pulpit preaching, teaching, visitation, and general community outreach.

From July 2003-June 2005 I labored at the Horton Road Church of Christ, Jackson, Michigan. If you are interested in my background or employment history here, I will discuss these issues with you at your convenience.

From January 2000 through June 2003 I was employed by the Lemay Church of Christ in Saint Louis, Missouri. I performed the “standard” duties of a pulpit minister for a congregation of 180 members. My focus there was on counseling, teaching, and preaching. I also participated in mission efforts at Saint Ann’s Bay, Jamaica.

From February 1994 through December 1999, I was employed by the Red Rock Church of Christ in Tuscumbia, Alabama. I preached, taught, counseled, and conducted personal and group Bible studies. I have been involved in prison, nursing home, hospice, and hospital ministries. I continued to be involved in mission work both foreign and domestic.

From May 1999 through December 1999 I was also the Administrator for the Christian Children’s Homes in Greenhill, AL. I was responsible for the function of the office in that I set standards, and made sure of the maintenance of all regulations of the State of Alabama’s Department of Human Resources as to the care of the foster children we had in residence. I was also responsible for the welfare of all the families that care for our children. We, at that time, had two homes with a third under construction and some ten children total, soon to be at least twelve if not fourteen children. This is a wonderful work and was blessed by the Lord tremendously.

From August of 1993 until May of 1998, while working as a full-time minister, I was also a full time student at Heritage Christian University (International Bible College) in Florence, Alabama. This is a fully accredited University known for its intense emphasis of practical application and training for the ministry while maintaining a rigorous academic atmosphere. I graduated in the Spring of 1998 with a Bachelor's Degree in Bible and an emphasis in Counseling. Before coming to Red Rock I was a member of the Leoma Church of Christ in Leoma, Tennessee where I taught various adult Bible classes as well as preached in the community for several different congregations. Before that I was a member of the Southwest Church of Christ in Richmond, Virginia where I was able to teach a Singles Bible class.
I have worked with the Central Chesterfield Church of Christ in Chesterfield, Virginia from October 1991 July 1992. I was asked to fulfill the responsibilities of the pulpit minister, and did so to the best of my abilities. I felt encumbered by my lack of time due to having to maintain full time secular employment. I thought that I could be more effective for a congregation as a full time minister. Because of this, my wife and I decided to attend an accredited institution which could grant us a degree in Bible. In making this decision we sold our home and left our families and jobs to be students at HCU.

Prior to this, I was employed with the Piedmont Church of Christ in Farmville, Virginia. I was employed October 1990 as the itinerant minister until September 1991. During that time my responsibilities were pulpit preaching and personal evangelism. The Lord blessed this endeavor greatly. While working at the Piedmont congregation, I was a member of the Cameron Avenue Church of Christ, Colonial Heights, VA, where I had been a member since 1977. During all of this time I was able to preach, intermittently, at several different congregations not mentioned.

I was discharged from the United States Army in 1987. Immediately following my discharge, my wife and I worked with the Cameron Avenue Church of Christ in Colonial Heights, Virginia, as Bible teachers for child and adult classes.

In 1983, I worked as an Assistant Youth Minister at the Cameron Avenue Church of Christ under the supervision of Kin Ellis the youth minister, as well as, the men of that current eldership. I was responsible for grades 5th 9th. My responsibilities included evaluating and creating class materials, the supervision of a weekly summer program which was also directed by myself and Kin Ellis, the conduct of a young men's training class, and various other responsibilities that had to do with my position.

I also have extensive work history as a plumber/pipefitter while working as a vocational missionary.

Marital Status/ Family:
I was married on May 25, 1985 and I have been happily married ever since. My wife is a mother, as well as a marriage and family therapist. Lora works, especially, hard for the Lord. She conducts personal Bible studies, teaches Bible classes, speaks publicly, writes, is published, and has always been well respected by members of the body of Christ. She gives me support in all that I do, but particularly when it comes to the ministry. She is every bit the epitome of the woman in Proverbs 31. It is our mutual goal to be the married couple and the individuals that God desires to work with in this world. My wife has graduated from Heritage Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies. She has taken graduate level counseling classes at Freed Hardeman University toward a Master's Degree in Counseling, and has graduated from Amridge University with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Master of Divinity Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is presently working at Centerstone in Lawrenceburg, TN as a Clinical Manager and Therapist. It is her goal to help couples and individuals strengthen their life skills and their commitments to God in order to provide a foundation of love and devotion for future generations.
Lora and I are both 51 years old; in good health. We have a sixteen year old daughter “Lydia Kiara.” It is our desire to work at a place where we can continue raising our daughter and establishing a stronger and more committed congregation wherever we are. The Lord has blessed us both through many trials to be where we are today. Our only prayer is that the Lord will continue to use us as He sees fit.

Email: hflminister@bellsouth.net or lydiakiara@att.net

Phone: 256-366-1820

Jon Rowe

Pulpit Minister
369 W. 9th Street
Upland, CA 91786
Posted on
Nov 10, 2016

I am 53 years old. I've been in full-time ministry for over 27 years and have been involved in a variety of situations that have enabled me to work with congregations in reaching the lost for Christ. In addition to the duties of a minister, I've served as Youth/Associate Minister, VBS Director, Prison Ministry Director, Nursing Home Ministry Coordinator, and We Care Ministries campaign participant. I have also conducted Gospel Meetings, preached at Lectureships, conducted Youth Rallys and youth devotionals, taught at a Christian School, coached a boy's basketball team, taught substance abuse classes, taught New Christians' classes, conducted Evangelism Training Seminars, and done missionary work in the Philippines. I have a Scripturally unique style of soul-winning that has resulted in me personally baptizing over 1,100 into Christ over the past 20 years. My wife of 27 years has taught kindergarten at Gallup Christian School, taught Sunday school classes, ladies' classes, and has been a speaker at Ladies' lectureships and retreats. She is currently completing her education to receive her Bachelor of Science in nursing and will begin work soon as a Registered Nurse. I also have 2 adult children who are both faithful members of the church.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):

High School Diploma, graduated 1981
Jordan High School, Long Beach, CA

Diploma (highest GPA in class), Preacher training, graduated 1989
Southern California School of Evangelism, Buena Park, CA

Bachelor of Arts, Biblical Studies, graduated 2004
Theological University of America, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Work Experience:
1983 -1987, Plans and Intelligence Administrator
United States Air Force, Minot, ND

1988 - 1991, Youth/Associate Minister
Norwalk Church of Christ, Norwalk, CA

1991 - 2000, Minister
Mount Mesa Church of Christ, Lake Isabella, CA

2000- 2005, Minister
Gallup Church of Christ, Gallup, NM

2005 - Current, Minister
Upland Church of Christ, Upland, CA

Marital Status/ Family:
Married for 27 years with 2 adult children

Email: jonandraz@yahoo.com

Phone: (909) 949-9525

David Highland

Pulpit Minister
9635 Cherry Chapel Loop Savannah Tn. 38372

Posted on
Nov 8, 2016

Looking for work part time or fill in.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Church of Christ

Night classes IBC

Work Experience:
Bevis Church of Christ
Mt. View Savannah. Piney Grove.
Utica Ms. Second Creek. Cherry Hill.
Now at New Hope Amory,Ms 8 years.

With Nursing Home work experience.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married with 3 grown children.

Email: davidandjuneh@g-mail.com

Phone: 1-731-607-2585

Jerry Ross

Pulpit Minister
2811 Womble St.
Florence, AL 35633
Posted on
Sep 27, 2016

I have attended the Church of Christ my entire life and graduated from Freed-Hardeman University in 1994. I have worked at my churches College and Young Adult Minister for 10 years while doing short-term mission work until June of 2015 when my family and I moved to Eastern Europe to work with the Tartu Church of Christ for 13 months. Since returning from Estonia I have realized when you go from fishing for people to fishing for fish again you can't go back and that's why I would like to work for a church as a pulpit minister.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Florence Alabama

Bachelors degree in Social Work from Freed-Hardeman University and certified John Maxwell public speaker, teacher and coach. I am also involved in a continuing education program through the Zig Ziglar company.

Work Experience:
I worked 9 years as a social worker, I year in TN at a mental health facility and 8 yrs at Hospice of the Shoals and Hospice of Tennessee Valley. After my first son was born I took a job in sales so that my wife could quit her job to be a stay at home mom. I became the College and Young Adult minister for Cross Point Church of Christ on a part-time basis 10 yrs ago. I worked for the church and my sales job until we moved to Estonia to do mission work for 13 months While working with the college ministry I began a soup kitchen for the Cherry Hill community that the college kids worked at on Tuesdays. This ministry lead to a church service there at Cherry Hills home on Sunday and our group provided over 500 meals a year on Thanksgiving. Since we retuned home from Estonia last year I have been preaching for a few small churches until they can find a full-time preacher of their own. My family and I have had the opportunity to bring the gospel to Mexico, Antigua, Italy, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania. I have had the opportunity to lead many people to Christ, perform several marriages and funerals. I would like the opportunity to work for a local Church of Christ in the North Alabama area and I believe that my experience in social work and sales lends itself to the work I have done for the church.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married 22 yrs. 2 teenage sons

Email: jwtross@gmail.com

Phone: 256-810-7996

Joey Ferrell

Pulpit Minister
293 Valley Drive
Woodbury, TN 37190
Posted on
Sep 13, 2016

I have been a bi-vocational minister since 2009 preaching in various roles from one week per month up to a full-time (still bi-vocational) ministry role in the past 3.5 years.

I am self-employed in the low voltage industry and a very hard worker. Being 45 years old, I have considered that after 20 years in the field that I am in to either substantially slow down operations, have considered selling, and passing some ownership to my family to pursue a more fully supported ministry role.

This would be a transition of sorts in which I could devote 3-4 days per week to ministry and local congregational work and the remaining days for business purposes at this point until a full transition is foreseeable depending on level of support given by a congregation.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
I am currently able to fulfill this role in Middle Tennessee only due to family obligations for the next few years. Counties in which are easily within range for this would be Cannon, Warren, Rutherford, Dekalb, Coffee, parts of Wilson and surrounding areas will also be considered.

I know this is a bit of a challenging demographic as there are not as many supportive positions as others in this area; however, I am fully dedicated to my efforts wherever they may be.

Associates Degree in Business Management 1991 Motlow State Community College

24-26 hours short of Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies from Heritage Christian University.

Several certifications, management trainings, and computer trainings from bi-vocatinal field as well.

I have a desire to complete the educational requirements at Heritage Christian as soon as opportunity presents itself.

Work Experience:
September 2015 - present - Pulpit minister for the Rock Hill church of Christ in Readyville, TN

This congregation is a size of 30-35 members located in rural Rutherford County. We have seen stability and some numeric growth in the past year. Serve with two elders in this congregation

June 2015 - September 2015 - fill-in and interim preaching in various congregations. Used this time to search for a pulpit position while filling the role of interim preacher, gospel meetings, and fill-in.

December 2012 - June 2015 - Elkins church of Christ - Woodbury, TN
Fully filled the ministry role at this congregation even though in a bi-vocational atmosphere. 55-65 members. Initiated a lot of new evangelism programs during my tenure. We saw a lot of spiritual growth during this time. Spoke at numerous civic activities representing the church, as well as spoke at several funerals of members and other persons in the community.

January 2009 - December 2012 - Sunny Slope church of Christ and various other congregations.
Preached as a circuit preacher for Sunny Slope as well as interim work and fill-in work for over a dozen congregations in surrounding counties during this time. Used this time to grow a lot spiritually and enhance my own knowledge by beginning classes at Heritage Christian University.

Marital Status/ Family:
Married since 1992 - Kristie Scott Ferrell
Daughters Katelyn (Ferrell) Conner born 1994
Abigail Ferrell born 2000

Email: joey@joeyferrell.com

Phone: 615-542-4384

Ton'neus Bell

Pulpit Minister
10203 Lenoir Loop
Prairie, MS 39756
Posted on
Aug 13, 2016

I was raised Baptist till I was 16 and was taught the gospel by my high school teacher. I have taught and preached at several churches during my time at the Memphis school of Preaching. I have done several door knocking programs and personal studies.

I am African American with a Caucasian Fiance. We have been engaged for a year.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
I am open to anywhere in the US. I would prefer TN/MS surrounding area as that is where My fiance and I am from.

University of Mississippi
-1 year of undergrad
-Relevant coursework includes: Psychology, Creative Writing

Memphis School of Preaching
---Trained in the effective use of the English language
---2 years of intensive study on the Bible, history, and geography.
---Evangelistic training under the tutelage of experienced missionaries.
---Evangelistic experience with multiple congregations.

Work Experience:
Larry Clark Chevrolet
Amory, MS 38821
Vehicle Salesman
Aug 2013-Jan. 2014
Counseled customers on their specific vehicular needs
Advertised and sold Chevy automobiles
Advertisement display
Payment management
Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.
Aberdeen, MS
Corrections Officer
January 2013-December 2013
Managed the incarceration of inmates
Booking of inmates
Conflict mediation between inmates
Lizzie's Mini Mart
Prairie, MS
Assistant Manager
Feb. 2009-Dec.2012
Managed store display
Delivered goods
Sold merchandise

Memphis School of Preaching
Military 2 yrs -- Honorable discharge
D.A.R.E. Anti-drug Education


Dedicated to the advancement of the Gospel
Doctrinally sound
Understanding of the role of a preacher
Understanding of Eldership authority
Trained in benevolence(visiting, calling, card mailing)
Familiarity with common liberal views and how to combat them
Dedicated Bible student

Marital Status/ Family:
Engaged till Employment. Waiting to get married when I find a preaching position.

Email: Korimaru.xero@gmail.com

Phone: (662) 436-4144

Scott Wright

Associate Minister
27515 Carrington Court
Athens, AL 35613
Posted on
Jul 28, 2016

I am a Freed-Hardeman University graduate (2005) and a Mars Hill Bible School graduate (2001). I currently teach and coach at Madison Academy and lead the family ministry program at Bethel Church of Christ in Athens. I have been doing "fill-in" preaching for the last 4-5 years and am very interested in pursuing a pulpit or associate work.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Alabama or Tennessee

Mars Hill Bible School (2001) - Advanced Diploma
Freed-Haldeman University (2005) - B.S. Degree in Bible with a minor in Psychology
University of Phoenix (2010) - Master's Degree in Secondary Education

Work Experience:
Youth Minister - Estes Church of Christ (2005-2006)
Youth and Family Minister - Bethel Church of Christ (2008-present)
Teacher and Coach - Madison Academy (2007-present)

Fill-in Preacher - Flatwoods Church of Christ (Lawrenceburg, TN)
Courtland Church of Christ (Courtland, AL)

Marital Status/ Family:
I have been married for nearly 13 years to my wife Rachael. We have two children, Cara Beth (age 6) and Tucker (age 4).

Email: swright@macademy.org

Phone: 256-280-8355

Russell Carnley

Pulpit Minister
405 Henderson St.
Andalusia, AL 36420
Posted on
Jun 3, 2016

Sound gospel preacher with 16 years experience in pulpit ministry. I have a strong, in depth knowledge of the Scriptures and the ability to preach and teach in a relevant and practical way. Demonstrated ability to interact and engage with all ages and backgrounds.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Southeast: GA, AL, TN, SC

Pensacola Junior College, Associate of Arts
Brown Trail School of Preaching, Graduated 1999

Work Experience:
Pulpit Minister, Lumberton Church of Christ, Lumberton, MS 1999-2001
Pulpit Minister, Saline Church of Christ, Saline, MI 2001-2008
Pulpit Minister, Ider Church of Christ, Ider, AL 2009-2013
Pulpit Minister, Central Church of Christ, Andalusia,AL 2013-2014

Marital Status/ Family:
Married/ three sons, youngest is 17

Email: carnley.russell@gmail.com

Phone: 256-868-0231

David M. Rushlow

Pulpit Minister
5975 Grassy Creek Road, Lutts, Tennessee 38471
Posted on
May 31, 2016

I am a 6 foot 5 inch 230 pound white male that has an extensive background in preaching and counseling.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Middle Tennessee or North Alabama.

Cheatham County High School
Florida School of Preaching
Freed-Hardeman University
University of Alabama

Work Experience:
Hospice of the Shoals
South Highland Church
Pine Hill Church
Waterloo Church
South Central Correctional Center
Second Creek Church

Marital Status/ Family:
Married 31 years 2 grown children.

Email: drushlow.dr@gmail.com

Phone: 2565771647

Patrick McCary

Pulpit Minister
665 Jackson Rd.
Kingsbury, TX 78638
Posted on
Feb 29, 2016

I have been preaching the Gospel for over 14 years. I am a graduate of the Brown Trail School of Preaching. I am an avid reader concerning evangelism and church growth. I believe that it is important to keep one’s mind fed and growing. In my life and my ministry I have come to realize that each and every person is in a different place in their spiritual journey, some much farther along than others. It is my aim in ministry to help everyone I meet in this journey. I don’t claim to have all the answers, I am still growing. What I can tell you is that I will study to find the truth on a matter. My ultimate goal is to be biblical. I would like to be seen as a person who loves God above all. I am a man who does what it takes to complete a task. I am community minded and try to look for opportunities to share the gospel with all those I meet as well as give the church a good name in the community. Please check out my website: http://amanoflikepassions.webstarts.com/ where you will be see a more detailed account of my experience and see pictures of my family. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
I am open to going to most everywhere in the US minus Alaska, Arizona, and Florida due to driving restrictions.

2007-2008 Bear Valley Bible Institute
- Completed leveling courses with Bear Valley in their B.A. program.
1999 -2001 Brown Trail School of Preaching
- Certifications of Completion – Preacher Training
1997-1999 Kilgore College
- Associate of Science degree in General Education
- Associates of Science degree in Religious Studies

Work Experience:
March 2015 – Current
Peerless Events and Tents, San Marcos, TX
General Manager of Administration
- Oversee the installation of large event rental setups
- Coordinate all administrative duties for the company
- Close all customer contracts
- Maintain a multimillion dollar rental inventory and vehicle fleet
- Coordinate all over booking transfers from Sister Companies as well as sub rentals from other rental companies.
- Work with potential clients from surrounding areas.
August 2014 – Current
Interim minister for the Riverside church of Christ
(A church plant in the Prairie Lea /Fentress, Texas area)

2014- 2015 WasteAway, San Marcos, TX
Sales Representative.
- Generate Leads for business to business sales of valet trash services
- Contact potential clients ( Leads) to see if our services would be of value to their business
- Obtain follow up information required for generating bid proposals
- Follow up with potential clients concerning bids
- Work directly with property managers as well as regional managers for some of the largest multi-family development companies in the U.S.

2012 –2014
Gonzales Church of Christ, Gonzales, TX
Pulpit Minister
- Worked directly with church congregations and elders regarding membership and church growth
- Studied, composed and conducted sermons several times per week
- Worked with church members on individual basis regarding personal and spiritual needs
- Worked with church treasurer regarding finances and other aspects

2010 –2012
P&H Services (Operated full-time in addition to administering pastoral services), Waco, TX
Owner and Operator
- Provided hot shot type delivery services for clientele
- Made sales calls and built established client/customer listings
- Always provided the upmost in customer service

2010 –2012
Columbus Avenue Church of Christ, Waco, TX
High School and Jr. High School Minister/Outreach/Pulpit Minister
-Conducted outreach ministry to church members and the local community
-Worked directly with congregations and elders regarding membership and church growth
-Studied, composed and conducted sermons several times per week
-Worked with church members on individual basis regarding personal and spiritual needs

2008 –2010
The Challenge at Oak Creek, Longview, TX
Head of Grounds
-Managed the grounds team for the golf course and other grounds aspects
-Utilized heavy equipment to maintain courses and general grounds maintenance/upkeep
-Maintained heavy equipment and other machinery operations
-Supervised a staff of approximately 15 – 20 workers

2007 –2008
Craig Church of Christ, Craig, CO
Pulpit Minister
-Studied, composed and conducted sermons several times per week
-Worked with church members on individual basis regarding personal and spiritual needs

2005 –2007
Sabine Independent School District, Kilgore, TX
Grounds Maintenance Staff
-Grounds maintenance for schools
-Utilized heavy equipment for grounds operations
-Worked directly with other staff members providing the best in service regarding their maintenance needs

2005 –2006
Traveling Minister (traveling ministry while working full-time for Sabine ISD)
-Traveled and preached in over 40 congregations
-Taught on personal evangelism

3/2004 –12/2004
Beverly Heights Church of Christ, Hooks, TX
Pulpit Minister
-Studied, composed and conducted sermons several times per week
-Worked with church members on individual basis regarding personal and spiritual needs

2001 –2004
Lemon Grove Church of Christ, Lemon Grove, CA
Pulpit Minister
-Studied, composed and conducted sermons several times per week
-Worked with church members on individual basis regarding personal and spiritual needs

Marital Status/ Family:
I have been married 13 years to my wife Heather. We have two children: Elena who is 12 and in the 6th grade and Joel who is 9 and in the 3rd grade. Heather is one of the few women who has completed the men's program at Brown Trail School of preaching. She is very knowledgeable in the scripture and is an invaluable helper to me. Currently she is a homemaker.

Email: packey3@juno.com

Phone: (512) 995-0227

Withheld for Privacy

Pulpit Minister
Please contact using email.
Posted on
Feb 1, 2016

My wife and I are a team of very personable, and genuine Christians who love helping and serving people of all ages and backgrounds and types, most importantly in the effort to help bring them into good standing with God. We have always been about the work of evangelizing, and in going about doing good to others, as our Savior set the example (Acts 10:38). It's simply who we are and have always been. We have not been paid in this capacity, as we have worked in other areas for our living. We truly love people. We are outgoing, and we sincerely want to help others in the way they need it most, not to do harm. Most importantly, we want to lead people to Christ by going OUT THERE where they live and work. We want to be the Beatitudes, and we are striving in our lives for daily spiritual growth in Christ.

I am an honorably-discharged veteran of the United States Marine Corps ('95-'99). While in the Marines, I baptized a couple of comrades, conducted services in the field, and even convinced the denominational chaplain of the Camp Lejeune main protestant chapel of the proper mode of baptism (although he was not immediately convinced of the real purpose of baptism). This was when I was very young, years before earning degrees in Bible or receiving any training as a gospel preacher.

We are naturally OUTREACH people. We even served on a foreign mission field for a short time, and we have worked in several short-term mission efforts. Yet, more than anything, we want to reach the lost in our own culture, who speak our own language, our friends and neighbors here in America (and we mean "neighbors" as broadly as possible). We really do believe that we can still reach the lost here in America jaded by so many false religious paths that promise to take them closer to God but fail. We want to do more for the Lord in using our unique and powerful combination of time, talents, skills, abilities, and personality traits in this effort, but as it stands now, we are limited by the need to support ourselves with secular work (nothing wrong with that, of course, but how much better if we could give all that to the Lord, possibly within and around your assembly).

We were both raised in conservative, Christian homes. I was raised well by a solid gospel preacher. (My father has been a faithful, full-time gospel preacher for over 40 years, serving 23 years in the location where he is now.) We are doctrinally sound, and we have NO interest in controversy or division. Yet, we stand on truth, believing that “it is better to obey than to sacrifice” (1 Samuel 15:22) and that not all those professing Christ and doing good things religiously will enter into heaven (Matthew 7:21ff.). We believe in the principle and plea of restoring the New Testament church as designed by God and founded on the apostles and prophets with Christ Jesus as its cornerstone (Eph. 2:20) and head (Col. 1:18). Our sincere desire is to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We love both the lost and the saved. We suffered a grievous hurt 5 years ago from which we have been healing by the grace of God. From this experience, we have gained a strength and maturity that will serve us well as we go about serving the Lord's body. I am 38 years old, and I have earned both a BA in Bible and an MA in New Testament from a conservative Christian university of notoriety among the brethren. My wife earned her MS in Counseling. We met and married at that Christian university. We complement one another well in the Lord's work. Did I mention that we are a TEAM for the Lord?

We have two small children (ages 2 and 6).

We have a wide array of talents that are useful for the type of work that we seek (whether a pulpit job or an outreach job). For instance, I was blessed with an ability and desire to write, that I have refined over the years, and I believe that I speak well also. (I absolutely do NOT say that to boast, but to present to you a key point of what we bring to the table.) I am skilled at creating beautiful presentations, flyers, brochures and the like. My wife is incredible at engaging total strangers and within a very few minutes talking with them at a very deep and meaningful level. People trust her, and she practices confidentiality to a professional degree, having trained in Counseling. They instantly recognize that she genuinely cares for them and has their best interest at heart. Everything about us harmonizes for the purpose of reaching the lost. Yet, we would also serve very well in the role of edifying the brethren, as long as we had ample opportunities (and time) to reach the lost, most of whom will likely never darken the doorway of a church building on their own initiative.

One final note, we both have studied quite a bit in the area of career coaching. As a result, we have the ability to help members of the church find their best areas in which to serve in the local assembly according to their skills, abilities, personality traits, and interests. We can even assist the elders and deacons in creating new volunteer work positions so that EVERYONE in the congregation is as involved as possible and the church is benefitting from having the best people for each role serving in that role. That way we have feet being feet and hands being hands and eyes being eyes, not mismatched. The body will work more efficiently, and its members will be more joyful, more productive, and more involved. A higher rate of involvement equals a higher rate of “retainment”, as studies show. For that matter, I might be considered for an involvement ministerial role as well (or a ministerial role that covers the area of involvement).

This listing system required that we select whether or not a parsonage is sought. I had no choice but to select one option or another. Our goal is to own our own home in due course. In the meantime, we would be open to all options, including renting or a parsonage, housing allowance or pay adjusted appropriately for the cost of living etc. We truly believe that in most cases it is possible to work out a win-win arrangement when it comes to the matter of compensation. So, talk to us.

We are looking for a LOVING congregation of the Lord's people with whom we can be in harmony and fellowship as brethren that desires to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:18). That OUGHT to describe each and every congregation of the Lord's church, shouldn't it? Maybe that is your congregation? If so, God could really bless us immensely through you as he blesses you through us, Lord willing.

By God's grace, we have so much to offer. Maybe we are right for your congregation. Let's talk.

(Please understand that we have withheld our names because of privacy concerns. Serious inquirers only, please. We have provided an email address for convenient and dependable contact. Thank you for your interest thus far.)

Preferred Geographic Region(s):
Open to consider all possibilities

BA in Bible; MA in New Testament

Work Experience:

Marital Status/ Family:
Married/Two Children

Email: preachingjobsearch@yahoo.com

Phone: 888-888-8888