Christian Service Program

Because of the importance of Christian service to an effective Christian life, Heritage Christian University stresses the spiritual development of its students in faith, prayer, and ministry. And because graduates enter a variety of ministries at home and abroad that demand special skills, practical training is an integral part of the learning experience at Heritage Christian University. Christian service is not an optional activity and is vital to the student’s preparation. To graduate, a student must complete the required Field Education units and Missions Practicum units detailed below.

Christian Service Objectives

The Christian Service Program:

·      Offers students extensive supervised experience in ministry and missions

·      Integrates academic learning in a holistic approach to ministry training

·      Helps students learn how to reflect on their own ministries and missions activities and to interpret that work through the lens of Scripture and theological observations

·      Provides students with practice in new ministry responsibilities that enhance their skills and competencies needed to complete important ministry functions


Central to the Bachelor of Arts Curriculum

Involvement in the Christian Service Program helps the student to:

·      Understand the multifaceted role of the Christian minister

·      Demonstrate skill at diverse ministry responsibilities

·      Appreciate the historic theological traditions of Christianity

·      Display commitment to the mission of the Christian church