Berean Study Now Available!

Now available! The 2019 Berean Bible Study, Visions of Grace: Stories from Scripture

What is the grace of God? What does that term signify? Unfortunately, the word “grace”—like “church” and “atonement”—might be one of those church-y words that people throw around and don’t really understand, a word that does more to obscure than to reveal.  

In Visions of Grace, thirteen lessons as stories from scripture help illuminate grace, to present a vision of it, or, rather, a series of visions. This study will invite you to live graciously and gratefully in response to his bounteous gifts.

The Berean Study Series is a 13-lesson resource, consisting of 13 videos and corresponding study guides (available as a pdf file or printed book) for each lesson. Each 25-minute video message can stand on its own or be used as a springboard for class discussion. To order the videos, contact Melanie Irions at or 256.766.6610 x. 312.

These practical lessons have been designed to strengthen your Bible study curriculum. How? Use this resource as a congregational summer series or plug the video series in for a quarter of study in an adult Bible class or personal devotion time. May God bless you in your daily walk as you apply the teachings of Christ with much thought and practice.

University Pays Off Long-Term Debt

FLORENCE, AL—Heritage Christian University, a private, nonprofit higher education institution, has made its final payment on long-term debt and is now officially debt-free. To mark the event, the university will host a “note-burning” ceremony on April 26 on the front lawn of the Helton Drive campus.

“In January 2010, after the completion of our new dorms, we found ourselves with $2,100,000 in long-term debt and began searching for ways to eliminate it as soon as possible,” says Vice President for Administration Pat Moon. After consulting with CB & S Bank, auditors at Wayne Riggs, P.C., attorneys and board of directors, the university was able to approve mortgaged property as collateral to cash accounts.

Moon says the result was more than $700,000 in interest turned to principal over the next seven years.

The university states the support of donors as the reason for their ability to pay off debt.

President Kirk Brothers and Vice President of Advancement Philip Goad took this “debt-free” message to donors of the university and their support was overwhelming. At the start of the year, a large donation was received which allowed a kickstart on the final $949,000.

President Brothers is excited what this will allow for the future of the university.

“Our ability to pay off the debt is symbolic of our goal to help students live without debt. It encourages our donors to know that their support will now go towards present and future attempts to fulfill our mission of the gospel, not past projects.”

For 50 years, HCU has provided a biblically based education to students who desire to become proficient communicators of the gospel of Christ. HCU offers the following degrees: Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Master of Arts, Master of Ministry, and Master of Divinity.

Heritage Christian University, University of North Alabama Sign Articulation Agreement

The University of North Alabama and Heritage Christian University today signed an articulation agreement that is designed to facilitate both transfer of credit and enrollment in graduate programs. Over the years, the universities have built a strong relationship through shared faculty as well as an agreement between Collier Library at UNA and Overton Memorial Library at HCU.

“This agreement builds on an existing relationship between two universities that serve our region,” said Dr. Kenneth Kitts, President of UNA. “More academic and career opportunities will be available to students through new pathways created with this agreement.”  

Dr. W. Kirk Brothers, President of HCU agreed. 

“Every articulation makes both institutions stronger. We look forward to the mutual benefits and blessings,” he said. “This agreement is a win for students. Today’s students need a wide variety of experiences and knowledge in order to be successful. Studying multiple disciplines at various universities is the norm in the modern educational world. This agreement facilitates this process, and makes both universities and the Shoals community stronger.” Dr. Brothers added, “We thank Dr. Kenneth Kitts, Dr. Ross Alexander, and the UNA staff, as well as Dr. Michael Jackson and the HCU articulation team for the tireless work they put into this process. May this agreement be a blessing for the students and the Shoals.”  

For more details, click HERE.

Marie Osmond Tickets Now Available

Tickets for the 2019 Heritage Event with Marie Osmondare now available! The 2019 Heritage Event will be held Saturday, August 10 at the Marriott Shoals Hotel and Spa.

General admission tickets are $50 each and may be purchased by clicking here. General admission seats are assigned in order of purchase, so get yours today!

Sponsorships are available at a variety of levels. For more information, contact Pat Moon at 256-766-6610 x. 334.

TITUS Camp: Registration is Now Open


We accept 70 qualified applicants (40 boys, 30 girls).

Applications are online and will be taken of a first come, first serve basis.

CLICK HERE to register!

13 Years of Training Teens for Useful Service:

13th  year for boys & 11th year for girls

TITUS camp is held at Heritage Christian University in Florence, Alabama.  Within the churches of Christ we are one of the largesttraining camps (70+ students), most cost effective(only $25), longest(8 days), and the only training camp where ALL campers are given a preaching & teaching appointment on the final Sunday morning!   We don’t vote on the “best speaker/preacher” of the week, or elevate those who have the more experience than others, and do not have competition for the Final 4 or Elite 8.  We emphasize the personal growth of ALL the youth that attend camp.   We desire to build up both young men AND young women who desire to polish their public speaking skills and leadership training.  The ladies are given separate classes, chapel, devos, etc. to grow their own talents in various areas.  THIS YEAR WE HAD 39 BOYS & 20 GIRLS ENROLLED FOR CAMP.

151 Congregations Impacted By Teens Trained for Christian Service

Campers from 12 different states have graduated through TITUS Camp (Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, California).  Each of those students are encouraged to serve in their home congregations when they return.  22 local churches have hosted the campers in the Shoals area.  This year we had six states represented at CAMP (Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky) from 28 different congregations.  Two campers are moving with their family to Fiji later this year.

321 Students Trained for Ministry & Missions

Many campers will return multiple years for additional training.  29 campers have gone on to full-time or part-time ministry around the world.  Many students are given scholarships to Heritage Christian University to further their training.  If you are interested in attending Heritage Christian University please contact them ASAP (

ALL Campers Receive
Personalized Training for Real World Ministry

Campers are assigned at least 2 counselors/mentors and placed in a group of 8-10 kids (TITUS family cluster).  They work together on lessons from Monday-Thursday, practice on Friday-Saturday, and deliver their assigned message on Sunday.  The women teach a ladies Bible class and the men preach in a classroom or morning worship service at a Shoals area congregation (Center Hill, Cloverdale, Collinwood, Eastwood, Florence Blvd, Jackson Heights, Pine Hill, Salem) on the final Sunday of camp.  We are blessed to have support from these area churches.

ALL Campers Receive College Level Courses to Prepare for the Next Step

Training at TITUS can be intense but effective.  Each day our students have 3 hours of Homiletics, 2-4 hours of Special Emphasis classes (Speech/Advanced Speech, Missions, Christian Worldview, Spiritual Formation, Prayer, Bible classes, etc.), 1 hour for Library Research, in addition to other special classes and daily training.  Many classes are taught by HCU professors, TITUS Camp staff, and Shoals area ministers.  We have Manna in the Morning (devo), Chapel, Impromptu Speech, Power Hour (evening worship), Small Groups and Dorm Room Devo.  We have daily fun activities like hiking, games, ultimate Frisbee tournament, soccer, movies, karaoke, trivia, etc.  We also set aside at least one hour a day for rest, meditation, and journaling.  The “field guides” can be downloaded off our website.

ALL Funds Collected Are Used for the Direction of TITUS Camp

Our staff is 100% voluntary.  We are dedicated to the cause.  However, it is still expensive to operate TITUS camp.  The operating costs have increased to about $12,000 a year which includes food, books, shirts, polos, Bibles, bags, paper, supplies, activities, gas, etc.  All the funds we collect are strictly for TITUS camp.  Heritage Christian University is gracious enough to supply staff, utilities, and facilities.  Campers pay only a $25 non-refundable application fee. The remaining funds are composed of staff collections, church support, and personal donations.  It is our prayer that God will continue to bless this great work!  Thank you for your support of TITUS camp!


Information is available online at

Registration for Spring 2019

November 5 – January 18, 2019
An exciting new way to register is here! On November 5th, registration for the Spring 2019 semester at HCU will open.
Click here to see the Spring 2019 semester class offerings for undergraduate and graduate courses.
AUDIT STUDENTS (First-time or Returning Students)
To audit a class on campus, please come to the class on the first day the class meets. To audit a class via distance learning, please e-mail Autumn Richardson (
New students must first apply to enroll at the university. The application process is easy! Click here to get started. Contact Ashley Peery ( with any specific questions concerning admissions.
Already a student?
We will be starting a whole new registration experience in Populi, where credit students can log in to Populi and select classes.  Here’s how to register for classes in Populi for Spring (if you’d like to watch a video demonstration, click here):
  1. Talk to your advisor about your class selections for Spring.  Your registration will be locked until you complete this step.
  2. Login to Populi.  On the Dashboard when you login, at the top of the page under Alerts, Click “Registration is now open.”
  3. Look over the list of courses to find your selections for Spring 2019.  Pay special attention to the “Schedule” and “Delivery Method” columns to make sure you are signing up for either campus or distance learning classes correctly.  Click the “+” under Enroll for each course you wish to take for Spring 2019.
  4. IMPORTANT: Click “Save” in order to submit your registration.  You may return to change your registration at any time before the end of the drop/add period (January 18).
  5. Make sure that all financial arrangements for Spring 2019 are in place with the Financial Aid office prior to December 21, or you will be removed from the roster of any classes you have registered for.  This includes paying any past due balances for 2018.
If you have questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact Michael (, Whitney (, Travis (, or Autumn (

2019 Founders Winners Announced!

“Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.” Romans 13:7

The Heritage Christian University Founders Medal was inaugurated in 2018 as part of the celebration of HCU’s fiftieth year. Each year, during the Founders Ceremony (held the week of March 9) ten medals are awarded. The purpose of the Founders Medal is to recognize unsung and underappreciated heroes who have extended noble service to the church and/or to our broader community.

The following individuals will receive a Founders Medallion on Friday, March 8.

Alvin is a member at Mars Hill Church of Christ and an alumnus of IVC/HCU. For several years, he has been serving smaller churches as a Gospel preacher. He spent many years encouraging strangers by being known as “that waiter who sings” at Cracker Barrel. He has, and continues to be, an excellent caregiver to many including Basil Overton, David Underwood, Jerry Davidson, and countless others. Ronald Kendrick 

ANNA GUNDERMAN, posthumously 
During Anna’s time at North Highlands Church of Christ, she saw that her young children were among the very few of the congregations. Wanting to provide a connection for her own children, she took that need and created a solution by starting her own preschool which continued to grow and flourish for years to come. While her final years on Earth were not ideal due to sickness, she still managed to impact many through her legacy and her faithful family.

Larry is an alumnus (’77) of the university. He has an amazing heritage of ministering 31+ years at the same congregation, Cox Boulevard Church of Christ. Total he has served 41+ years in ministry!

John has served on the board for several years and as Chairman of the Board. He has been a constant encouragement and support to his wife Kathy, who has served as President of the Heritage Associates for many years. They have given their money and time very freely. During the highs and lows of the university, they have remained faithful and worked to make sure it did not lose its mission. They also help many people in need with physical needs and encouraging words. They serve God faithfully.  

Linda, Lumpkins, a native of Reelfoot Lake, was the youngest of 9 children and the only one in her family to graduate from high school. She attended Freed-Hardeman University where she met her husband Ron. The two of them graduated and settled down at Florence, AL with their two children, Barry & Laura Beth. They began working at Mars Hill Bible School. Linda received her degrees in Elementary Ed and has taught for 30 years in various school systems. She has been a part of the Woodlawn Church of Christ where her husband continues to serve as an elder. Ministry has been a major focal point of her entire adult life. She has been involved in World Bible School, a Sunday School teacher, involved in Prison Ministry and global missions, all while holding down a full-time job and taking care of her family. While involved in Prison ministry she studies with those that were on death row as well as those serving life sentences, introducing them to the love of Jesus by her actions and pure heart. She was also very involved in prison ministry of “Reeboks for Jesus,” a ministry she created to help those people that were not able to purchase good shoes. Mrs. Linda is a wonderful example of Matthew 25 using her talents and opening her home and heart to those that were less fortunate than herself. She always approached ministry with a heart of humility and service. “Countless people will be in heaven because of the work and ministry of Linda Lumpkins.” (Matt Huepel)

“Whenever ladies (young and old) at the Petersville congregation are asked who they would go to when they need someone to talk to or need encouragement, the answer is almost always Marsha Oakley. Her name is synonymous with Barnabus or encourager, not only in the congregation but in the Underwood-Petersville community. She has a pep and energy that can make the most cross person smile, and she shows a genuine love for everyone through word and deed, regardless of their past. Marsha has served the church by teaching children of all ages, teen girls, and adult women. She has worked with Meals on Wheels, started an encouragement ministry for our college students, heads up Petersville’s role in Room in the Inn, and is the brain and brawn behind our Visitation Teams program. Marsha is the organizer of organizers, getting people involved and convincing them to lead ladies’ ministries in the congregation when she sees a need. Probably the most notable work in the community that Marsha is known for is that she started a preschool at the Petersville church nearly 30 years ago that is still thriving and growing today. Marsha views this labor of love as an evangelistic effort and reminds us often that we get the opportunity to love and serve others, including unchurched families, every Tuesday and Thursday, hopefully making a difference in their eternity.  Marsha is the wife of Terry Oakley, one of the Petersville elders, and is the mom of three boys, now faithful Christian young men with families of their own- Jon, Eric, and Austen – actively serving in their congregations as well.”
CHARLES PAYNE, posthumously 
Despite health challenges, he volunteered above and beyond for the university. He and his wife sold a business in Texas in order to move to Florence and help recruit students. During his years at HCU, Charles served in countless roles, including Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Director of Financial Aid, Tape Ministry Director, and Workshop Director. He especially loved helping at university benefit dinners. Charles was a member of Sherrod Avenue.

Donna is an unsung hero to many. She is a true servant. She enjoys helping others and meeting needs. She serves quietly by cooking hundreds of meals, sitting with cancer patients during chemo treatments, providing transportation for those in need, visiting the sick at home and in hospitals, and providing respite service when needed. Even when she is not feeling well or tired, she always supports HCU events. She just loves doing for others.

Dr. Coy Roper is a retired HCU professor and served as the first HCU Director of Graduate Studies.  He is a super teacher and has authored several volumes in the Truth for Today Commentary Series. Dr. Roper is known to all as a gentleman and a scholar. He continues to be an advocate and encourager for the university and support the Overton Memorial Library.

Cythnia is a member of Killen Church of Christ. A stalwart friend of HCU, particularly in her ongoing assistance to OML.  The Olie and Cynthia Tiller Bible Collection is named in her honor.  Retired after an outstanding career as a high school teacher, she looks for ways to help HCU and recruits others to do likewise.