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Berean Study Series: A Free 13-Lesson Video Study Series for Your Congregation

The Berean Study Series is a free 13-lesson resource, consisting of 13 videos and a corresponding study guide (available as a pdf file or as a printed book) for each lesson. Like last year, this resource is available to you free of charge.

This year’s series focuses on the topic, What Real Christianity Looks Like and uses Jesus’ parables to illustrate the following lessons:

Endless Possibilities – Jeremy Barrier

Joy – Bill Bagents

Compassion – Jim Collins

Using Your Talents – Ed Gallagher

MercyArvy Dupuy

Taking Responsibility – Philip Goad

ServingJustin Guin

Kindness – Travis Harmon

Living Ready – Ted Burleson

Persistence – Matt Heupel

Hope – Wayne Kilpatrick

Inclusion – Brad Mckinnon

Generosity – Lucas Suddreth

Each video is approximately 25 minutes and can stand on its own or be used as a springboard for class discussion. Thirteen videos and a digital copy of all supplemental materials will be provided to you via a flash drive. If you prefer printed class books, they will be available for a nominal fee.

Response to and demand for last year’s series on the church has been overwhelmingly positive, and this year’s series features several improvements. Production quality has been enhanced. Each lesson in the study guide follows a more consistent format and length.

Contact Melanie Irions at 256-766-6610 ext. 312 or to order this free resource for your congregation.