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Accelerated College Education (ACE)

Student studying outdoors. The Accelerated College Education program (ACE) is designed especially for those who hold a bachelor’s degree in a secular field.

Real preparation. ACE is the perfect way to further your studies, whether your goal is to prepare for ministry, take leveling courses toward a master’s degree, or simply gain practical Bible knowledge and skills. Upon completing the ACE program, you’ll be awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree in biblical studies.

Your ACE curriculum will include two semesters of Christian service and two campaigns alongside Heritage faculty, staff, and students.

In only one year (33 hours), you’ll be ready to begin your ministry or go on to graduate studies. The program can be completed through HCU’s distance learning program with minimum, flexible residency hours.

Course requirements for the ACE B.A. are:

Biblical and Theological Studies
Critical Introduction to the OT 3
Critical Introduction to the NT 3
Fundamentals of Biblical Interpretation 3
Intro. to Christian Theology 3
Fundamentals of the Christian Religion 3
Current Religious Teachings 3

Professional Studies
Elementary Greek A 3
Homiletics 3
Biblical Exegesis 3
Restoration Movement 3
Ministry in the Local Church 3

Total 33